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What To Do if Girl I’m Dating has a Badoo Profile?

What To Do if Girl I’m Dating has a Badoo Profile?

You have discovered that girl you are dating has dating a Badoo profile and you are very angry and confused? Does that mean she cheats on you? Do you have to worry about it and can your relationship overcome this difficult period? I will try to give you a fair answer to this question.

What to do if Girl I’m Dating has a Badoo Profile? First of all, you have to trust your partner, because that’s one of the reasons why you’re together. Try to establish open communication and let her tell you right reason, maybe she is not happy with you or simply she is not the right person for you. Delaying the conversation will only create a negative atmosphere in your relationship.

First, we need to know that Badoo is an app for finding and dating new people. If you find your girlfriend or boyfriend on Badoo, that can mean 2 things. The first thing is that this profile was made long before you got to know each other, but that person forgot to deactivate it. The other thing is that this person is simply not happy with you and that you do not meet his/her expectations. So find the right moment and open this topic because the delay will only create a negative atmosphere in the relationship.

What is Badoo?

Badoo is an app for people to meet with a tendency to find a partner for the dating. Unlike before when dating was arranging true chat, Badoo is impossible to open without a Facebook profile and phone number that gives people some security. Because if you encounter a maniac or a crazy person, the police can easily trace them. Specifically, Badoo from your facebook profile drags the name, year, interest you’ve provided, six photos you’ve tagged, and you can then edit, add or remove the photo, or add a few sentences to present and tell something about yourself.

Then the radar (geolocation service) activates, Badoo searches for all men, women, or both (as you specify in the settings), and then you are offered photographs of the people that Badoo find in a radius of 160 kilometers. So if I push the photo to the left, it means I’m not interested, if I push it right then I am. If that same person like me also it is a flattery then we can start conversation. These are briefly the basic rules for using that application. It is very simple and friendly to use. If you encounter an app called Tinder. It’s almost about the identical dating app that has the same usage principle as Badoo.

Badoo is for all people

It is a myth that only weirdos go to Badoo, but ordinary everyday people who are looking for someone, something. Sex for one night, serious relationship or something else. Who thinks that a profile on someone’s Badoo makes him a weirdo, let’s look first at yourself in front of a monitor starting a conversation with xy person instead of sitting in a bar with friends.  I have a fair number of friends who use Badoo. I did my before the XY time and I look back once a week with pure curiosity. Personally, I am not interested in looking for love on Badoo, but I always like to see the profiles and characters of people who are looking for love. You can learn a lot about yourself and your needs in the segment of love on Badoo.

5 Things I Discovered On Badoo

1) Using Badoo in your home city and using Badoo somewhere else are two different stories. My friend invited me to this app who lives in another country and where people use it as a “easy dating” application.

2) People first agree what are their intentions on Badoo are and then they meet, drink.. So if they end up to like each other, they usually end up in bed (not necessarily in relationship). Why? Because they are more relaxed in terms of sexuality, unlike classic dating.

3) The girls know to be unrealistic and look for what they see on Reality TV Shows. Here the girls mostly (not all, pardon) are looking for Apollo, who will they eventually marry. Later, after a lot of dates, they lose interest in getting to know their ideal man over Badoo.

4) Also, one perspective on how to look at things on Badoo is: If you find something interesting, good, if you don’t, it doesn’t matter. It’s all just a big random thing. If you swipe right, it does not cost you anything. You live your life until you get into a girl with whom you will get in touch. Whether you want to meet her at a club, or on a friend’s birthday, it’s not so important at the end, as long as you find it.

5) I do not have any special experiences with Badoo. And when I run into a match, I do not send a message. By the way, I realized that I was not in it and that I prefer to meet the girls live. Because someone that look super cute on that picture, in reality it can be the person from whom you will turn your head straight away because you will feel that it has a negative energy. The first impression is, however, the most important one, so you know pretty much what kind of person you are looking for.

You think you Will Find only Geeks on Badoo?

The application has 50 million users around the world, and I was not sure about how long I would need to get used to Badoo and really experience it. Finally it took me ten days to get used to it. As a boy, I first thought that I would find only a few geeks in a radius of 160 kilometers because I do not know any of my friends who uses this. I was wrong. There are a lot of 20-year-olds and 30-year-olds girls who obviously have fun with this application where the only criterion for starting a communication is to like each other a photo.

Very superficial, I was thinking to myself, but I started to have fun very soon. I was overwhelmed by the choice of people. It’s very wide. I liked all types of girls and in  fact, a lot of people on Badoo were actually quite surprised. I even found some of my facebook friends, and even some colleagues from work on Badoo. I think you will find very small number of people today that are a single person who did not hear or used Badoo. Besides Badoo, there is also a popular dating app that is in the same line as Badoo, and that is Tinder. Tinder works on the same principal as Badoo. Both sides must like each other so you can establish a contact. Some even say that Tinder is more popular than Badoo, but I would not go into it.

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Can u Search for Someone on Badoo? Unfortunately, it is not possible to search people by name or email address. However, you can search for other users on Badoo in many different ways. Log into your Badoo profile and click on the ‘People Nearby’ icon.

What’s Badoo all About? Badoo is a dating-focused social network, founded in 2006, with offices in London, Malta, Moscow and the United States. It operates in 190 countries and is available in 47 different languages, making it the world’s most widely used dating network to date. The app is available on iOS, Android and web.

How Can I Join Badoo? You have 5 steps. 1. Go to, 2. Enter your email, password and date of birth, 3. Click „Become a member!“, 4. A new page will open asking for your full name, city and gender, 5. To complete your registration, open your email and click on the welcome link sent by Badoo. That is all.

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