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What to Do if Your Yeti Cooler is Leaking

What to Do if Your Yeti Cooler is Leaking

Since it was founded nearly 15 years ago, YETI has nearly become synonymous with coolers. Using a process called “roto-molding,” YETI claims that its higher-end models can keep items cold for nearly a week. However, if the cooler leaks, you may have some concerns about its efficiency.

If the YETI cooler is leaking, first, try to identify the source of the leak. YETI’s coolers are made with 3 inches of polyurethane insulation; it is fairly difficult for something to penetrate this layer. Additionally, a Yeti cooler might not actually be leaking; the leak itself might be condensation.

YETI says that its coolers are not leakproof. If you are concerned about condensation or leaks, the organization recommends opting for their Hopper Soft Coolers, which do not release moisture. Continue reading to learn more about addressing and troubleshooting your YETI cooler’s possible leak.

Why is My YETI Cooler Leaking?

YETI’s coolers are designed to let nothing in––but this does not necessarily mean nothing comes out. Below are a few common reasons why your Yeti Cooler may be leaking:

Gasket Safety Feature

Each of YETI’s coolers is equipped with “gaskets,” which are essentially seals that help the coolers close.

As a safety measure, the gaskets are designed to let out leaks. This is to keep the lid from blowing off if you plan to store dry ice. In this situation, if water is escaping through the gasket, this is an intended product feature to ensure user safety. It is not a leak or design flaw.

Here are some things that you can do to keep water from escaping through your YETI’s sealant:

  • Avoid filling up the cooler beyond the gasket’s line
  • Put a towel on top of the cooler to soak up any excess moisture
  • Use dry ice
  • Refrain from “overstuffing” the cooler
  • Avoid tipping the cooler forward while in use or transit

Your YETI cooler is meant to last you for several years. If your gasket needs replacement, you can buy a new one here.

Your “Leak” Might be Condensation

When the cold air inside your YETI cooler is exposed to higher temperatures, condensation might form on the product’s bottom. YETI says that the bottoms of their coolers are not as reinforced as the cooler’s four sides.

Within a few hours of use, you may have a rectangular “wet spot” from where you were keeping the cooler. This is normal and is no cause for alarm. To avoid this from happening, you can put a towel down and place your cooler on top of it.

Alternatively, you should avoid putting your cooler down on carpet, as this will only encourage “wet spots.”

Using Your YETI Cooler Warranty 

YETI prides itself on customer satisfaction. According to its website, if your product does not meet your standards, you can request repairs or replacement. You could file a warranty claim if:

  • You bought your YETI cooler through an authorized retailer. If you bought it from an individual, you may not be able to file a claim.
  • You must have documentation that shows when you purchased the cooler. For instance, if you bought the cooler online, you could use the order confirmation form as documentation.
  • You did not alter the product in any way.
  • You must return the product to YETI, not the store or organization that sold it to you.

You could have up to five years to file your warranty claim, depending on which YETI cooler you bought. If you have questions about filing a warranty claim, you can call 1-512-394-9384.

Final Thoughts

There is no denying that YETI produces high-quality products that have raised its field’s standards. However, these devices are not perfect. If your cooler is leaking, what you should do depends on the source of the leak and how you are using the device.

However, remember that not all YETI coolers are made equal. Some can keep items colder for longer periods than other, similar-sized coolers. Just because your cooler is not keeping items cold for as long as expected does not necessarily mean you have a leak, and vice-versa.

In ideal conditions, your YETI cooler can keep items cold for up to ten days. Ideal conditions involve limiting how often you open the cooler, using rock salt, and keeping it out of direct sunlight. You can learn more about how long your YETI cooler can keep things cold by clicking here.