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Which Nerf Gun Is Best for Modifications?

Which Nerf Gun Is Best for Modifications?
  • The Nerf Strongarm is easily modded for power and efficiency.
  • Nerf gun modding includes paint, power, and quality of life modifications.
  • Depending on needs, different Nerf blasters may be modded easier.
  • Check for more modding tips

When modding a nerf gun, it is important that the blaster is simple enough to be modded without breaking it. Many nerf guns have a lot of moving parts or batteries that can lead to complications, but the Nerf Strongarm is really simple, cheap, and easy to take apart. This makes modding the strongarm fairly easy.

All it takes is the removal of a few screws and you are in. You can paint it like this person did or you can choose to bore out some holes and increase the air flow for more power.

The Nerf Strongarm

The Nerf Strongarm is the simplest Nerf Gun to modify, and it’s fairly inexpensive. It has a really solid build so it can handle more intense springs and whatever else you can throw at it. The way that it handles darts makes it a prime candidate for different styles of darts as well.

A lot of nerf guns can cost a lot of you break them in the modification process. The best thing you can do is start modding on a gun that is fairly inexpensive so that if you mess it up you can start over or get replacement parts for cheap.

There are a lot of nerf guns out there, but this one is truly the simples to mod.

Modding the Strongarm

Set of nerf guns that include 3 Nerf Strongarms

Modding the Nerf Strongarm is fairly simple, but it may require a few tools.

The nerf modding community has plenty of guides about how to do this, and every guide I have seen (such as this one) talks about how much power this thing can have.

The Nerf Strongarm has several different ways it can be modded, and each way is fairly simple.

The first way to mod is through paint. The nerf strongarm is very easy to take apart and is therefore really simple to paint. It requires the removal of a few screws but its not too bad.

The second way to mod a nerf strongarm is to permit rear loading. That means you will bore out the holes in the chamber in the back so that you can load both ways. This is very similar to how firearm revolvers are loaded. Having this option open also allows the stronger to shoot half-length bullets, which are very popular in the modding community.

The last way that the Nerf Strongarm can be modded is through the increase of airflow in the gun. This is what will increase the power and range of the blaster. Modifying the actual firing mechanism is the most intense mod you can do on this blaster, but it can be oh so worth it.

Other Nerf Blasters That are Easily Modded

Nerf has made hundreds of blasters over the years, and the modding community for nerf blasters is extremely active. They have been modding blasters since the beginning, so it can be hard to know which blasters work well for modding. Because of this, I am going to keep this very simple.

The Nerf Rival Kronos

This is from the newest line of nerf blasters, and instead of firing the standard dart they use small yellow balls made of what Nerf calls “high-velocity impact foam”.

These blasters are simple, but they have a lot of mod potential. this one can be modded simply by replacing the spring. This gives it a lot more power. Unfortunately, you need to buy the spring, but it is pretty cheap.

Nerf Rival Perses

Again, these blasters are part of nerfs newest line, so they use the same ammunition. These blasters are actually battery-powered, so modification is a little more difficult. Using some simple parts, these blasters can be taken to the next level.

These blasters can really pack a punch, and since they are automatic they can do it at a really fast rate. This type of modification is generally more involved. It can take more work than some people are looking for, but it is the simplest modification when it comes to battery operated blasters.

Some people even make the blaster rechargeable, which is great because batteries can cost a lot.

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