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Which Nintendo Switch Is Right For You?

Which Nintendo Switch Is Right For You?

So, you’ve finally decided to get a Nintendo switch. Now, you have to decide if you want the Switch or the Switch Lite. Picking the right switch can seem like a real challenge, especially if you are unsure how the different consoles will affect your gameplay. Is the original switch worth the extra $100 or will the switch lite meet your gaming needs just fine?

The Nintendo Switch is the bigger of the two, best for those who want to play on the big screen and  add many players into the game. The Nintendo Switch Lite is the better choice for handheld gamers looking for portability and solo play. 

Read on because in this article we look at the differences in the gaming experience that the Switch and Switch Lite offers. We consider the benefits each offers by looking at things like ways to play, customizability, and price to determine which switch is right for you.

Benefits Of The Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch lets you play in handheld and T.V mode, allowing for more players to join and a more immersive experience. The benefits of both the detachable joy-cons and a bigger screen creates an exciting gaming experience. 

The Nintendo Switch gives you a lot more options in terms of how you play and who you can play with. The ability to play on the big screen makes it easy to add players and see gaming graphics as well as dialogue more clearly. With both a dock and handheld mode, the switch has two ways to play for at home and on the go. While you do have the great ability to play both ways, the Switch’s handheld mode is considerably larger and heavier than Nintendo’s previous handheld games. 

While there is a wide variety of limited edition switches to choose from – 12 according to  imore , the most widely available design is the black-red and blue version. You can also customize your switch using skins covers and paints. For more customization ideas check out Makeuseof’s article. Because of the switches docked mode joy-cons can be switched out with a variety of multicolored replacements. 

The detachable joy-cons also allow your controllers to act as different in-game tools like fishing rods and pianos. The experience becomes even more immersive with games that use joy-con vibration and force feedback. Here is a list of the benefits the switch offers that the Switch Lite does not

  • Docked and T.V Mode
  • Detachable Joy-cons 
  • Clearer dialogue and graphics and
  • Joycon feedback and motion control

In the next section, we’ll get into the benefits of the Switch LIte

Benefits Of The Nintendo Switch Lite 

The Nintendo switch Lite is the more portable, and affordable Switch, and is best suited for handheld and single-player gamers.

The Switch Lite is great for someone who is looking for maximum portability. Because of its compact and lightweight design, it can be thrown into a bag or purse and is small enough to play anywhere without drawing too much attention. Because the Switch Lite does not connect to the tv, and has a smaller screen, having multiple players to a game is only possible if they have a separate console. This makes the switch Lite a great companion controller to the switch.

This option is perfect for solo players who don’t plan to play on the big screen because you’d be saving $100. With a variety of cases, button covers, and stickers to choose from, the switch lite is also widely customizable. But, one of its advantages over the bigger switch is that its regular editions come in grey, blue, yellow, pink, and purple, so you can find a color you love without having to pick out accessories. This is great for players who would rather enjoy the original console’s aesthetics.

Here are the benefits of the switch lite

  • Greater affordability
  • Easier portability 
  • Wider color selection and
  • A compact design ideal for handheld gaming

Which Switch Should I Buy?

If you want to have the option to play both in handheld mode and on the big screen then the original switch is the best choice. With clearer visuals including graphics and dialogue, as well as the ability to have more players, It offers a more immersive gaming experience, and you get the best of both worlds for only $100 more.

If you mostly play on the go or aren’t really interested in playing on the tv then the Switch Lite is a better option. It’s a lightweight alternative to the switch, and you can play most of the original switches games for $100 less. The switch lite offers the ideal design for single players.


Both the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo Switch Lite are great choices for those looking to jump into the world of Nintendo gaming. To get the best gaming experience, you’ll want to be sure you’ve weighed both the benefits and shortcomings of each console discussed in the article. While having options may be a challenge, no matter which you choose you’ll be sure to have a great time.