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Why Are My Samsung Buds Not Working With my iPhone?

Why Are My Samsung Buds Not Working With my iPhone?

So you got yourself a new iPhone and wanted to connect your Samsung Earbuds to them to listen to some music or watch a video, but for some reason, your Earbuds just refuse to connect with your iPhone. The worst of it might be that they don’t even show up on your iPhone while it is actively searching for Bluetooth connections.

Well, worry no more, because we’ve found the solutions to all of your woes. If you’re wondering why your Samsung buds are not working with your iPhone then we’ll sort everything out and give you the answers you need. Moreover, we’ll even provide some necessary tips to ensure that this issue never repeats itself.

The simple answer is that your Samsung Earbuds might just be paired to another device. There can be a range of reasons causing issues in establishing a connection. For example, there might some interference between the devices, there’s a network connection error, your earbuds might not be charged, or you might need to refresh your devices.

There are many useful solutions that we can provide so that you don’t have to face the frustration of having to repeatedly try and fail to connect your iPhone to your Samsung Buds. Some of these tech solutions might seem obvious, but trust us it’s often the little things that we’re ignoring and they end up being the major reason why our new equipment isn’t working as we would want it to.

So let’s get into solving this issue once and for all, shall we?

Your Samsung Buds are probably paired to something else

Often the culprit that we’re looking for when attempting to resolve issues with your tech, is ourselves. And it’s no different in this matter. The thing is that Samsung Buds can only pair to one device at a time, and to ensure that there isn’t a tussle for connection the developers made it so that once the Samsung Buds are successfully paired they stop sending out their Bluetooth pairing signal.

This feature is ultimately useful, however, it can be frustrating for you if you somehow forgot that your Samsung Buds were already connected to your other phone and thus can’t connect to your iPhone. You might have noticed that your iPhone might not even catch the Bluetooth signal of your Samsung Buds, but that’s only because they aren’t even sending any out.

So if you were worried about your device is faulty, or your Samsung Buds not working correctly then don’t fret so much. Your devices are perfectly fine, and simply require some adjustments to work as intended once again.

How to pair your Samsung Buds to your iPhone

Now that we’ve explained the most primary issue that you might be encountering when it comes to pairing your Samsung Buds with your iPhone, we’ll also go ahead and tell you precisely how you can solve this issue. After all, our job isn’t just to tell you what’s wrong, but also how you can fix it for yourself.

The process of making sure you can successfully pair your Samsung Buds with your iPhone are simple. And you need only follow our directions and everything should be working perfectly again in no time. Refer to the following for the solution:

  • First make sure your Samsung Buds are in their case, and the lid is closed.
  • Next turn off the Bluetooth on your iPhone and then turn it on again.
  • Check to make sure if the issue still persists.
  • Fetch the phone you previously had your Samsung Buds connected to.
  • Go into the Settings of your previous phone and go into Bluetooth
  • You will probably see your Samsung Buds as a paired device.
  • Unpair the Samsung Buds from your previous phone and close the phone’s Bluetooth.
  • Close the lid of the Samsung Buds case and open it again.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth for your iPhone.
  • Check your iPhone’s Bluetooth for the option to pair with your Samsung Buds.
  • If you still can’t see the option to pair, close your Samsung Bud Lid and open it once more.
  • Make sure that the light which indicates Bluetooth searching on your Samsung Bud case is visible when you do this.
  • Pair your Samsung Buds with your iPhone

And voila, if you did everything as instructed then you should have your Samsung Buds begin their pairing process with your iPhone. After a short term of loading, they should be ready to be used, and you can listen to all the music, videos, and games you want. The most important thing to remember is to unpair your Samsung buds from your previous phone before you try to connect them to your iPhone.

If you keep this in mind you’ll most certainly not run into any form of trouble.

An alternative solution

So the issue might persist, and you’re at your wit’s end. I mean you just did what we said and it seems to still not be working. Well, don’t worry, because we have contingencies for our contingencies. An alternative method to ensure that your Samsung Buds connect to your iPhone is a simple and elegant one. Simply: utilize the Galaxy Buds Plus app on your iPhone to aid in the pairing process.

Yes, there is an app, released by Samsung called Galaxy Buds Plus that allows you to handle all of the issues and minutia that might be associated with utilizing their Samsung Buds. So you need not worry about pairing, Bluetooth, and turning things off and on again. Instead, simply download the application on your phone by going into the app store and searching the name of the application.

Once you find the app the next process would be to quickly download and install it. Make an account as soon as that’s done, and the next step will be the most crucial. Open the app and select the type of Samsung Buds that you are specifically using and the app will automatically attempt to recognize the Buds that are in the vicinity. Once the app finds your specific buds, simply press the Connect button.

A little while later you should receive a Congratulations notification from the app that would be explaining how you are now successfully connected to the Samsung Buds and that they can be used in their entire functional glory without any further hindrance. Isn’t technology wonderful?

Still facing an issue?

Now we understand that tech issues can often persist even after you do everything that a guide might tell you to do. This is because several factors might be affecting the ability of your devices to work optimally, and it is usually up to you to fix the issue. Don’t worry, however, because we’re going to highlight some of the most common issues that might be causing your Samsung Buds to not pair with your iPhone.

There might be some interference

Odd as it sounds, but it is true. Various objects around us release microwaves constantly, and although we mostly don’t recognize them, they surely find ways to mess with us. The problem is that Wifi Routers and even actual microwaves might be releasing these waves that cause the connection between the Samsung Buds and the iPhone to be hindered, and thus make it difficult to connect.

So it might be a good idea to stay away from these devices and areas when you’re trying to connect.

Your Earbuds might need a software update

We told you the little things are often overlooked, and this is perhaps the most overlooked. You should make sure that your Samsung Buds are connected to the Wifi when possible, because this allows them to update their software, as per required by Samsung. This might fix many of the issues that you might be facing in regards to connecting with your iPhone as well. This is because new software might be needed to access connections with the latest systems.

Your Earbuds are out of charging

It happened to the best of us, and there is no shame in admitting that we often forget to charge our devices. Simply put attempting to use your Earbuds before they finish charging makes it difficult for its various systems to function properly and is another reason why your specific Samsung Earbuds might not be connecting to your iPhone. Fix this immediately by making sure your Earbuds have been charged for at least 30 minutes before attempting to use them.

And there we have it, all of the answers we have to your issues regarding getting your Samsung Buds to work with your iPhone. If you still have recurring issues then let us know in the comment section. And we hopefully will be able to solve it in a future article. Till next time!