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Why Do My Binoculars Fog Up?

Why Do My Binoculars Fog Up?

Binoculars are a great tool to use when bird watching, watching sports, and many other activities. After using them a few times, you may have the issue and question,” Why are my binoculars fogging up?” It may be a slight fog or a very noticeable fog. Let’s get to the bottom of this issue and how it can be fixed.

Binoculars tend to fog up when there are scratches or condensation on the lenses, or a leak in the camera. This can be due to dust that has come into contact with the lenses leaving microscopic scratches causing this fogginess, and from a change in weather.

You may be wondering, “Do I need a new set of binoculars, or can I fix mine?” or “Is there a way to avoid these microscopic scratches?” Continue reading below for the answers to your questions on how to fix your binoculars.

How do Binoculars Get Scratched?

Your binoculars may appear cloudy, but are actually probably scratched. These are very small scratches that happen to the coating on the inside either when in use or when being cleaned. They do not appear as scratched because it is so small; it just appears foggy.

The scratches are so minor that they scatter light, making this appear as fogginess when using your binoculars. This happens primarily from dust. When cleaning and in use, make sure that your lenses and binoculars are free of dust particles.

Dust and Binoculars

Now that you are aware of what is causing the appearance of fogginess, it is time to fix the issue with your current pair of binoculars. The damage usually is not bad enough to need a new pair, but this varies.

Purchase a lens cleaning pen to fix a dust issue on your binoculars. The lens cleaning pen breaks up the dust particles and rids them from the lens. This cleans the lens so the fogginess or dust will no longer be an issue. Using a Q-tip is also an option. If you use a Q-tip, be very gentle and careful not to scratch or damage the lenses on your binoculars.

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Condensation and Binoculars

You could have condensation in your binoculars from a variety of things. One thing that causes this issue is a change in weather or being in a wet or damp climate.

To fix this issue, clean your lens and dry them carefully. Make sure after cleaning that they are completely dried out before your next use. Condensation in your binoculars can cause rust and more internal issues over time, so make sure to clean them as soon as you notice this issue, and to let them dry completely.

Leak in Binocular Camera

The last reason your binoculars might be cloudy is due to a leak in the camera. You will need to clean the inside of the binoculars and repair the leak to fix this issue. When needing to complete this task, you will have to be extra careful while handling small screws or parts. If unable to repair the leak, you may want to bring them to a local maintenance specialist to fix the issue.

This should be the last step in assessing the fogginess in your binoculars, as accessing and cleaning the inside of them can be more difficult. If needing to complete this task, consult the instruction that came with your binoculars when you purchased them. The instruction manual will guide you on how to safely access the inside of them and how to put them back together. It is essential to do this step carefully. Consult help from an outside source if needed in order to not damage your device.

Using Your Binoculars

Now that you have assessed and resolved your foggy binoculars, you are now ready to use them to explore. With binoculars, you are able to see and experience things that the naked eye cannot see. Whether you are attending a ball game, a concert, or spending time in nature, binoculars can be a great asset to any life adventure and very enjoyable to use and share with loved ones. They enhance many experiences and allow you to gain a new perspective on the world and events. With that being said, it is important to have clean lenses and a working piece in order to use binoculars to the best of their ability. Enjoy your adventures!


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