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Why Do Shark Vacuums Have a Cancer Warning?

Why Do Shark Vacuums Have a Cancer Warning?

Shark vacuums are the perfect cleaning choice, for both domestic and commercial use. Excellent suction, easy to manoeuver and reliable; these devices are the first choice for anyone who likes to keep their surroundings clean. 

These devices come with different attachments and surprisingly enough, a cancer warning. Shark vacuums have a cancer warning label, also known as a Prop65 warning, to warn people that chemicals that are known to cause cancer and reproductive harm may have been used in the making of the product. 

What is the Prop65 Cancer Warning 

Proposition 65, officially known as the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act, was made a part of the state law in California in 1986. The Prop65 cancer warning is a requirement by law for businesses to provide cancer warnings to Californians in case any of the chemicals mentioned in Prop65 have been used in the making of any of their items.

The California state law dictates products containing any one of these chemicals to include a warning symbol, the name of at least one of the chemicals used in it, and the official link to the Prop65 warning. 

Do All Appliances have the Prop65 Warning ? 

These Prop65 warnings are found on the majority, if not all, of the commonly used appliances. These include washing machines, vacuums, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, and more. 

You will find the warning on appliances being sold throughout the country. This is because the penalties for failing to comply with the Prop65 law are very high. 

On the contrary, there are no repercussions for providing an unnecessary warning. That is why most manufacturers chose to adopt the safe passage and provide the warning label. 

What is the chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer?

The Prop65 list of chemicals contains the names of a wide range of synthetic as well as naturally occurring chemicals. This list  is to be updated at least once every year and currently contains the names of 900 carcinogens and toxins. 

Given below are some of the most commonly used chemicals included in the list : 

Chemical Used in making 
Acetaldehyde, methanolCleaning products 
Vinyl chlorideWindow blinds 
Cadmium Jewelry 
LeadElectronics such as vacuums
Nicke, absestine Makeup products 
Plasticizers Erasers 

Prop65 Warnings – Why Do They Happen?

Why Is There a Sudden Rise in the Number of Prop65 Warnings?

Although the Prop65 law was passed more than three decades ago, it wasn’t until recently that buyers noticed a sudden rise in the number of appliances that contain the yellow warning sticker. 

This sudden increase in the number of warnings can be attributed to the now popular practice of lawsuits being filed against companies. Manufacturers who fail to comply with the Prop65 regulations have been penalised. As a result, the companies have had to pay a significant amount of money in the recent past. 

Not just that, an addition to the law has been made which now requires E-commerce sites to display this warning where required as well. That is why you now come across the Prop65 warnings a lot more than you did before. 

Should You be Worried about the Warning on Your Vacuum?

In today’s era, electronic cleaning appliances such as vacuums are a huge part of everyday life.Their use makes the process of keeping our surroundings clean easier and more efficient. 

Considering our reliance on such appliances, it is only natural to wonder if you should be worried about the warning signs on your Shark vacuum. To put it simply, no, you need not be worried about such signs on your vacuum. The presence of this sign does not indicate that the appliance you are using has an amount of Prop65 chemicals that could lead to serious harm. 

The manufacturers mostly, if not always, place the label on all products, regardless of whether or not the percentage of the substances in their products could actually harm you. Most companies also do not mention the percentage of the chemicals in the product and it is often in very minute quantities. 

How Much Amount Of Prop 65 Chemicals In A Vaccuum Is Harmful?

How to Figure out if the Amount of Prop65 Chemicals in Your Vacuum is Harmful 

As stated earlier, most companies do not mention if the quantity of chemicals present in your appliances pose a serious threat to your health and safety. This applies to the caution sign on your Shark vacuum as well. 

To figure out if the amount of Prop65 chemicals in your vacuum is harmful, simply contact the product manufacturer. The company will be able to provide you with the required details of the exposure to such chemicals. Not just that, they will also be able to guide you about the appropriate precautions that you should take. 

How to Reduce Your Potential Exposure to Prop65 Chemicals in Your Shark Vacuum

Do not worry, you won’t have to put away your vacuum and take it out only periodically to reduce your potential exposure to the chemicals in your Shark Vacuum. The precautions you can take to ensure that you’re safe are fairly easy. 

Vacuum cleaner cords are known to have small amounts of lead present on their outer covering. This can sometimes rub off on your hands. Remember to always wash your hands after you’ve used a vacuum.If there is a toddler present in your house, ensure that they do not have access to the appliance. Since children tend to chew on cords, make sure that your vacuum is out of their reach.

Furthermore, remember to dispose off your vacuum cleaners the right way. If you want to dispose off your vacuum, it would be a great idea to call the manufacturer and see if they have a haul away service for your used appliance when you’re getting a new one. 

Never disassemble or burn your appliance when it is no longer functional or required. Since vacuum cleaners are a part of the electronic waste category, you should take them to a designated handler or recycler who is well equipped to dispose off the appliances appropriately.