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Why Does My Predator Generator Keep Shutting Off?

Why Does My Predator Generator Keep Shutting Off?

A home generator helps to provide you with a constant power supply during outages. As reliable as they might sound, sometimes generators seem to have a mind of their own and turn off after a few seconds of powering them on. What causes such actions?

The fuel level is the first culprit of a Predator generator shutting off continuously. A clogged engine that needs thorough cleaning could also be the cause, as well as faulty plugs. However, the only way to know what’s causing the problem is to have someone take a look at it.

That’s not all, as there are more possibilities for why your generator keeps shutting off and their remedies, which you will learn if you read on.

What’s Causing my Generator to Keep Shutting Off?

A generator can provide a reliable power backup. Depending on its condition, fuel level, and how often you run its maintenance, a decent generator can last you an entire night. However, you might start noticing an uncommon behavior where it keeps shutting off. The frequency of power cutoffs might be minutes or sometimes seconds, but one common denominator is that you can’t rely on your generator in this condition.

So, what causes the Predator generator to behave in such a manner? Here are some common problems and how you can fix them:

Generator Fuel Level

Generators consume a lot of fuel to supply you with the power you need. Sometimes the power cutoff you’re experiencing with your Predator generator is low fuel. Check the fuel meter if there is one on the generator to know how much fuel is left. If a generator doesn’t have a fuel meter, you can try shaking it to determine if there is fuel or the amount left. Always have a standby fuel can in your garage for emergency cases.

Faulty Spark Plugs

Spark plugs are crucial when starting a generator. After prolonged use, the spark plugs might get faulty or dirty, which could cause the generator to shut off periodically. In the case of a faulty plug, you’ll notice cranking sounds coming from the generator, and it would keep shutting off. Such plugs need replacing. If the generator takes longer to start, the problem might be dirty spark plugs that only need cleaning.

Generator Oil Levels

Like fuel, oil is also very crucial to a generator. If the oil levels fall below the required minimum, your generator will keep shutting off. On the contrary, people often mistake that a generator won’t start if the oil levels are low, but doing so would damage the engine. However, newer generator models come equipped with sensors that cut off power once they detect low oil levels.

The Generator Choke

When you’re starting a generator, the carburetor usually has lower fuel levels and high levels of oxygen. That’s why a choke device is needed to reverse the two, where oxygen levels are lowered while increasing the amount of fuel flow to the carburetor. You must move the choke in three stages:

  • Full choke – It’s essential when starting a generator
  • Half choke – You move the choke here after a few seconds of starting the generator
  • Run position – You move it here once you’re satisfied the generator is operating at optimal levels

We often forget to move the choke back to the full position before starting it, which might result in the generator running for a few seconds before going off.

Shutoff Valve

Every Predator generator comes equipped with a fuel shutoff valve that helps to regulate how fuel flows into the generator’s engine. The valve should be closed when you’re done using the generator, and a lot of people tend to forget to open it when starting the generator. When you start a generator with this valve closed, it will only run for a few minutes then turn off. Inspect if the fuel valve is where it should be before attempting to start the generator.

Clogged Air Filter

A generator requires a substantial air supply to run smoothly, and it’s the work of the air filter to remove dirt and debris from the air. If the air filter gets clogged, it reduces the amount of air supply into the generator’s engine, which might cause it to shut off occasionally. Clean out the dirt and clogged debris from the air filter to remedy this problem.


Predator generators help supply electricity during power outages, so they should be in optimal condition. Check the spark plugs for wear and tear, or clean them if dirty. Low fuel and oil levels could also cause the generator to shut off periodically. The generator choke and shutoff valve could cause the problem, as well as clogged air filters.