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Why English Bulldogs Are so Expensive

Why English Bulldogs Are so Expensive

A new puppy can be an exciting purchase for your family. When you are considering purchasing a purebred dog, there are always costs involved. But if you have looked into the English bulldog, you may have noticed that they can be more expensive than other dog breeds available.

Why are English bulldogs so expensive? English bulldogs are expensive because the process of breeding them involves lots of money and time from the breeder. They need pre-pregnancy care, pregnancy care, a cesarean birth, and care after delivery. Additionally, the breeder must take care of the puppies for the first few weeks of their lives because the mother is not able to. 

This article will explain why English bulldog puppies cost so much, how much they cost, and more to help you decide if purchasing a bulldog puppy is right for you and your family.

Why Do English Bulldogs Cost so Much?

When it comes to purchasing a new puppy, one huge factor to consider is your budget. You want to know if you can afford the puppy before you select a specific breed that you might feel is a good fit. It’s no secret that English bulldog puppies cost quite a bit more than other dog breeds. But do you know why the breeder charges so much?

Here are the main reasons why English bulldogs are so expensive: 

Veterinarian Costs

As a breeder, the vet costs can be high. The costs don’t start when the puppies are born. It begins when the owner decides to breed the bulldog. Some tests have to be run first. Artificial insemination is another considerable cost. If you have to use artificial surgical insemination versus the standard artificial insemination, the price is going to be higher.  

Once the bulldog pregnancy is confirmed, the bulldog will need regular vet visits and ultrasounds to ensure that the puppies and the mother are all growing well and are healthy. This results in more vet costs, which, in return, adds to the price of the bulldog puppies.

The Delivery 

English bulldogs have rather large heads, even as puppies. When it’s time for the mother to give birth, the breeder will have to make a trip to the vet’s office (unless the vet does home delivery). If this happens during the vet’s office hours, your costs will be lower than if it occurs on a weekend or holiday.

The bulldog puppies have to be removed via cesarean section. It is the safest way for not only the mother but for the puppies as well. If a bulldog tries to give birth naturally, the puppies could get stuck in the birth canal, and that could be life-threatening for both the puppy that is stuck and for the other puppies. It could also threaten the mother’s life.

Just like human births, cesareans come with more healing time for the mother and higher costs.


The breeder spends a considerable amount of time taking care of the mother, whether it be going to vet visits or helping her at home. Once the puppies are born, the breeder has a new set of tasks they will have to perform.

Since a cesarean has to be performed, the mother can’t fully take care of her puppies after they are born. She will be on medications for a while. If you have ever had surgery, you will completely understand what it’s like for the first few days after.

The breeder has to help tend to the puppies until the mother can take over that role. The breeder has to feed the puppies by hand and monitor them regularly to make sure they are doing well. They need to feed them every two hours or so to start, and that involves patience and time.

For the first three weeks or so, the breeder has to be very hands-on with the puppies. The puppies are very fragile, and they need help to make sure the mother doesn’t accidentally sit on them and to make sure they are getting the correct amount of food necessary to grow and be healthy.

How Much Do English Bulldogs Cost?

Understanding why bulldogs cost so much will help with the sticker shock. An English bulldog pup could set you back anywhere from $1,500-$4,000 depending on the breeder and the bloodline of the dog. If you are going to be purchasing from a smaller-scale breeder, it could be on the lower end of that scale.

You are going to want to do some research before you select a breeder to make sure you are getting the best deal for the quality of the dog. Just like anything, sometimes, the more you spend, the better the quality. In this case, a higher price could mean the puppy is coming from a top-notch bloodline.

How Much Does It Cost to Own a Bulldog?

All dog breeds come with their list of medical conditions or issues that you will have to face in the future with your furry friend. Bulldogs can be quite expensive when it comes to their health issues and added vet bills, as explained by “English Bulldog Health Problems” from Better Bully.

Here are just a few of the more common health issues they may have: 

  • Major skin allergies
  • Severe respiratory issues
  • Arthritis
  • Severe eczema, or dry skin
  • Degenerative spine disease
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Cherry eye
  • Ligament and joint injuries
  • Idiopathic head tumors
  • Heart disease
  • High cancer rate

If you have a limited budget to take care of your dog, this may not be the right breed for you. They are going to require much more medical attention than other breeds out there. They also have the highest cancer rate compared to other dog breeds.

What Is the Life Span of the English Bulldog?

With the cost of purchasing a bulldog and the possible vet costs, you are probably wondering how long your bulldog will live? When it comes to the lifespan of this breed, they can live between 8-10 years. It’s not a long time considering the costs, and the average lifespan tends to lean more toward the lower end of that scale.

If you are purchasing a dog from a good bloodline with lower health issues, your dog could live closer to the 10-year mark or slightly more. You will have to keep up on all of their vet visits and make sure if the dog has any issues, you tend to them to help improve their time with you.

Are English Bulldogs Worth It?

Despite the costs and the low life expectancy, the English bulldog can make a great addition to your family. If you are looking for a loving and calm dog, this breed might be the perfect fit in your life.

You can expect an English bulldog to be a great family pet, even for families with children. They are great for apartment living because they require minimal exercise and are smaller than other breeds. They love people, making them a very social dog. They are kind and gentle and make great snuggle buddies.

If any of those characteristics are important to you, the English bulldog could be an excellent choice for your family.

For people who have decided to get one of these lovable dogs, here’s an awesome guide to choosing the perfect English bulldog puppy.

In Conclusion

The English bulldog is one of the most expensive dog breeds available and for a good reason. They require lots of pre-pregnancy care, vet visits during pregnancy, delivery help via cesarean, and post-delivery care by the breeder. Knowing why they cost so much can help you to understand better when the breeder tells you your pup is going to cost thousands of dollars.

Remember, after you have your puppy, they can be quite expensive because of a large number of health issues known to this breed. If money isn’t an issue, this breed will be an excellent pet because of their loving personalities.

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