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Why is GoPro Quik Slow and How to Fix it?

Why is GoPro Quik Slow and How to Fix it?

Users of the GoPro cameras love the fact that the camera system lets you record videos in fantastic quality. Some users have run into a constant issue with the GoPro cameras, particularly GoPro Quik, slowing down. This results in a choppy video that can make all of your footage unusable. So, why does this happen, and how can you take care of this problem?

The GoPro Quik’s slowing down issue usually results from too much background work happening on your phone and the device itself. In other cases, this can happen because of the wrong settings, such as using 360 modes with a phone that is not compatible. You can fix this with updates by restarting the app, clearing the cache, or reviewing the settings on your phone. 

So if you are interested in learning how to resolve this issue, keep reading our article! We will explain in detail why this issue occurs and give you a step-by-step guide you can follow to get the quality recording you need!

Why Does The GoPro Quick Slow Down

So the number one question to consider is – why does the GoPro Quick slow down in the first place? It turns out this happens because of the device or your phone becoming overwhelmed. When you don’t update your firmware very often, or if there are too many apps running, you can find this issue coming up very often. 

On the other hand, another common reason you can come across this issue is that the GoPro Quick may not be compatible with your phone. There are several aspects of the device that need high processing power. For this, you need to have a phone that can handle that, especially while importing and exporting data. 

In some cases, though, the issue may just be that the device is defective or in need of repairs. In that case, your best bet is to either replace it or to contact the GoPro customer support team for advice, 

What To Do When Your GoPro Quick Is Slow

So, now that we know what causes your GoPro Quik to slow down and become choppy, how can you fix this. After all, your GoPro didn’t come cheap, and if all of the footage isn’t usable, it can be quite a waste. Luckily, there are a few ways for you to fix this issue:

Update Phone And The GoPro

One of the first things you need to do to get things rolling is to check that your phone, or the GoPro Quik, has their latest updates. Depending on the type of phone you use, you can often go into Settings and install any available updates. Also, always make sure that you restart your phone after installing any new firmware from GoPro. 

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Restart The App

Next up, there could be a glitch because of the software running on your phone. Restarts are a great way to handle glitches, so all you need to do is to force the app for the GoPro Quik to close. Once it is entirely closed, you can restart the app. This is usually what will resolve the problem. 

Close Other Apps

Another thing that can cause your app to slow down is the fact that other apps are running on your phone. If you realize some apps take up the phone’s memory and processing, you can shut them down. This way, any apps you are not using can be closed so the phone can allot more of its memory to running GoPro Quik without causing any choppiness or disturbances. 

Re-pair The GoPro

Some GoPro cameras have a unique camera name that includes a special character. This character is an indication that you will need to delete that camera from the GoPro Quik app. In that case, you can just pair it to your phone and connect it to the app again. This change also makes it easier to rename the camera and, at the same time, can eliminate any issues that can start because of pairing. 

Clear Cache On Android Phone

If you have an Android phone, one of the reasons you have a slow performance on the GoPro Quik can be that there is too much cache. You can take care of this issue by clearing the app cache on your phone. In some cases, this can also resolve the problem of the app crashing on you constantly. 

Here’s what you need to do to clear the app cache on an Android phone:

  1. Open up your phone’s Settings by navigating to that menu. 
  2. On the Storage heading, check the settings for space on your phone. 
  3. When you select the option ‘Other Apps,’ you will see a complete list of all of the apps you have unstacked on your phone.
  4. Look for the GoPro Quik App, and tap on the name to see more options.
  5. Now, select the Clear Cache option to get rid of all the collected cache files. 

Now, your phone will be able to run the app much smoother than before. 

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Contact Customer Support

If none of these options are working, what we recommend is that you get in touch with GoPro support. They will be likely to give you information about the possible issues you are running into with the GoPro Quik app. At the same time, they might ask you for some information about your experience. 

This can include information about your camera, the model, the phone you are using, the operating system, and the version of the app. There may be issues of compatibility between the camera and the app or the mode you are using. In some cases, you may have to opt for another GoPro camera. However, if that is not possible, you will have to either switch to another phone or borrow a phone from someone else. 


Now you know all you need to know about managing issues with your GoPro Quik slowing down! Hopefully, now you can collect video footage without any further problems!