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Why Is My AeroGarden Light Blinking?

Why Is My AeroGarden Light Blinking?

AeroGarden gives you the ability to turn your home’s counter space into a lush herb garden. By using hydroponics, its plants grow five times faster than herbs planted in soil. You can plant things like Parsley, dill, thyme, thali basil, and mint––just to name a few. However, if your AeroGarden light is blinking, you may experience some issues.

If the AeroGarden’s light is blinking, try resetting it. On its center control panel, there will be a reset button in yellow letters. Hold down on the reset button for two seconds. Hold down on the “light” button for the same amount of time.

The AeroGarden’s lights are designed to last anywhere from two to four years; you will not have to replace them until they have completely burned out. Read on to learn more about using your Aerogarden and what to do if its lights keep blinking.

What to Do if Your AeroGarden’s Light Is Blinking

If you reset your AeroGarden and are still running into this problem, there could be an issue with the product’s AC/DC converter. This means that it is not supplying a steady stream of power to your AeroGarden’s light diodes. This could either happen because of a production error, misuse, or another issue.

In this situation, try one of the following troubleshooting steps:

Check for Loose Wires

Your lights might be blinking because they are not firmly anchored in place. Make sure that both ends of your power source are connected. Also, check for any loose LED lights, as this could be the root of your problem.

Replace the Power Adapter

Your current power cable may not be properly powering your device. Depending on what model you purchased, you could switch out your old power cable with a 12-volt AC power adapter.

File a Warranty Claim

If you recently purchased your AeroGarden, you could file a warranty claim. You have within one year from the date of purchase to do this. You would not return the product to its retailer in this instance; you would need to file your claim directly with AeroGarden.

The warranty does not cover the following:

  • Problems stemming from alterations or misuse
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Products that no longer have a serial number
  • Negligence

AeroGarden will also not replace products that were fixed by a third-party repair service. This would effectively void the warranty.

Replacing the Lights in an AeroGarden

AeroGarden has periodically updated its products’ design since 2006. Your AeroGarden’s light source could either come from small diodes under the hood or cylindrical light bulbs.

What to Do if Your AeroGarden Uses Diodes

If a few diodes burn out, this should not impact your plants’ overall growth. However, if one or several bulbs are blinking, you could replace them. Doing this on your own, however, involves a great deal of skill.

One of the great things about AeroGarden is that it’s customizable. AeroGarden itself says that most of its models made after 2014 are designed to be customizable, meaning you can add newer lights and make adjustments to its power source.

Rather than taking it apart, you can buy an external LED grow light panel. This device:

  • Uses both red, blue, and white lights to stimulate growth
  • Lasts for up to 30,000 hours
  • Can have its height adjusted for peak performance

The grow light panel also uses 45 watts, meaning that it will barely have an impact on your monthly electric bill. 

What to Do if Your AeroGarden Uses CFL Bulbs

Today, many AeroGardens run on non-LED bulbs. While AeroGarden advises against using third-party products on its devices, by buying a grow light socket adapter, you can use CFL bulbs.

You can do this by:

  1. Powering off the device
  2. Removing the old light bulbs
  3. Inserting the grow light socket adapter
  4. Installing your new replacement lights

The types and wattage of the bulbs you should use will depend on what model you bought. Check your user manual to see what bulbs you need, as some plants will need to grow under certain conditions.

Customer Support Options for AeroGarden

If none of the previously-mentioned solutions worked, AeroGarden encourages you to reach out to their customer support team. You can do this by:

  • Filling out their customer service form online
  • Contacting AeroGarden from the AeroGarden app, which you can get on the Google Play and App Store
  • Calling 1-800-476-9669 and speaking to a customer service representative

In Summary

If your AeroGarden’s light is blinking, the reason will largely depend on the type of device you bought. Generally, you will not need to replace the lights. You could reset the device or consider how add-ons could serve your interests.