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Why Is My Baby Brezza Not Dispensing Enough Formula?

Why Is My Baby Brezza Not Dispensing Enough Formula?

The Baby Brezza is a lifesaver for many parents of newborns, taking the toil out of having to hand-mix every single bottle of formula. By filling the water tank, adding formula to the canister, and pressing the correct bottle size, the Baby Brezza blends the perfect bottle of hot formula with the push of a button. But what is the deal when the Baby Brezza does not dispense enough formula and creates an overly watery mixture?

The Baby Brezza may not dispense enough formula due to a clogged powder mixer. This will limit the amount of formula introduced to the water, creating a mixture that is too watery and lacking in nutrients.

This has been a common issue among Baby Brezza users, with many customers contacting customer service due to watery mixtures. However, with proper attention given to cleaning the powder mixer, users can be assured of getting the proper mixture that is safe and nutritious for their infants.

There is Powder Clogged in the Mixer

The Baby Brezza operates similar to a coffee maker for baby formula. There is a water tank that stores water and a canister that stores the powdered formula. When the correct bottle size and formula mixture are selected, the appropriate amount of powdered formula is fed from the storage canister down through the powder mixer, where the powder is introduced to heated water to blend into a liquid formula.

Many users have noticed fussy babies after feeding them this automatically produced formula, with the cause of the unhappiness being traced back to an overly watered-down mixture. Not only does this make babies unhappy, but too much water can be dangerous to their fragile bodies.

The issue can usually be traced back to powder getting stuck in the powder mixer, causing a clog that does not allow the measured formula to reach the water.

The powder mixer (sometimes referred to as the “funnel unit”) has a funnel-like shape with built-in spirals that help direct powdered formula from the storage canister to the percolated water. However, some of the powder gets stuck in the spirals of the powder mixture and never makes it to the water, with the problem compounding with each use.

How to Clean the Baby Brezza Powder Mixer

The Baby Brezza will alert the user when the powder mixer needs to be cleaned. However, it is a bit misleading, as the warning sign is illuminated by a blue light that simply says “clean,” which does not really arrest the user’s attention.

Either way, it is recommended to clean the powder mixer after every four bottles are made, so inattention to cleaning puts your Baby Brezza at risk of making watery formula.

To clean the powder mixer, take the following steps:

  1. Remove the powder mixer. It is located directly beneath the “Baby Brezza” logo and slides in and out like a drawer, similar to the filter basket in some styles of coffee makers.
  2. Use a dry towel to scrape wipe away any standing powder. If you use a wet towel, be sure to thoroughly dry the component, as you do not want any caking to occur that may facilitate further clogging.
  3. Re-insert the powder mixer, ensuring that it is securely locked back into its proper place.

Once the powder mixer has been cleaned, your Baby Brezza should once again start mixing full-strength formula.

The Powder in the Storage Canister Hardened

It may be possible that a clogged powder mixer is not the cause of your diluted formula. Another possibility on the troubleshooting checklist is a hardening of the powder in the storage canister.

Formula is fed from the storage canister into the powder mixer via an intricate series of rotating wheels that measure and dispense the correct amount of formula specified for the correct bottle size. To do this, the powdered formula must be loose and ready to move.

If the formula powder somehow hardens, either through old age, getting wet, or by overfilling the canister and not giving the dispenser wheels enough room to turn, it is possible that the correct amount of formula cannot be gathered. Therefore, make sure the canister is properly filled with powdered formula that is in good condition.

There Are Sensor Issues

While not as common, there have been some complaints that the Baby Brezza does not mix any formula at all. After pressing start, the blue light may blink, and you will hear the noise as if the machine is working, but nothing is dispensed into the bottle.

In this case, it is likely that the sensor detecting the powder mixer needs to be reset.

  1. After removing the powder mixer, take your finger and press the sensor at the back of the unit. Be prepared, as this may cause liquid to start dispensing from the spout.
  2. Replace the powder mixer in its proper place, ensuring that it is evenly inserted and flush with the sensors to prevent the issue from continuing. 


The Baby Brezza is a machine similar to a coffee pot that automatically mixes warm baby formula for parents of newborns. However, there has been an increasing number of complaints that the mixture is too watery.

If your Baby Brezza is not dispensing enough formula, it is likely due to a clogged powder mixer, so make sure this funnel-like piece is clear of obstructions to help remedy the issue.