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Why Is My Cricut Not Cutting?

Why Is My Cricut Not Cutting?

Your Cricut’s job is in the name; it is designed to cut shapes, patterns, and designs out of various materials. You don’t need to be good with scissors to bring your dream project to completion; Cricut does it all for you. However, if your Cricut doesn’t cut, this virtually defeats the purpose of the device.

Your Cricut might not cut because the blade is dull. You can replace the blade with a few easy steps; make sure you are using a Cricut blade. If this is not the problem, check for debris that prevents the blade from contacting your material. Additionally, Cricut will not work on certain materials. 

Continue reading to learn more about why your Cricut won’t cut and how you can remedy the issue. There could be a few reasons why your device isn’t working, all of which can be resolved in minutes. 

Why Your Cricut Isn’t Working

If you ever have any questions about operating your device, you can always consult your user manual. Here, you can learn more about getting the most out of your product and how you can troubleshoot certain issues.

That said, your Cricut may not be working because:

The Blade Needs to Be Replaced

If you’re using your Cricut solely on fabric and decals, odds are, you will rarely need to replace the blade.However, if you are cutting through wood or simply use it often, you may need to replace it.

First, you will need to buy a Cricut brand blade online. Be wary of “knockoffs,” as this could only contribute to your problem. Replace the blade by following these steps:

  1. Turn off the machine.
  2. Open the Cricut’s hood.
  3. Locate “clamp B,” which is the grey latch on the right; open clamp B.
  4. Remove the silver cylinder that houses the blade.
  5. Pull on the white tab to remove the old blade.
  6. Insert the new blade.
  7. Reinsert the silver cylinder back in place.
  8. Close clamp B and the Cricut’s hood.

You should not have to force anything into place. Installing a new blade should be a seamless process. However, if you still have questions about replacing a dull blade, you can check out this YouTube video.

You Need to Increase the Pressure

The pressure your Cricut needs to cut through leather will be different than the pressure you need to cut through wood. To adjust the pressure settings, adjust the settings on the dial.

You should only increase the pressure by a few increments at a time. As much as it may tempt you, do not crank up the pressure settings to the highest level. This will likely not yield the result that you want.

You can learn about adjusting your Cricut’s pressure settings by clicking here. You can also learn more about what pressure settings suit your material’s needs by consulting this list.

Debris Is Preventing Your Blade from Cutting

By now, you probably know that your Cricut can cut through fabric, wood, and leather (depending on what model you have). As you can imagine, cutting through these materials can cause particles to accumulate on the blade.

First, be very careful while cleaning the blade; you don’t want to accidentally cut yourself! To clean your Cricut’s blade:

  1. Open the appliance’s hood.
  2. Remove clamp B.
  3. Remove the cylinder that holds the blade.
  4. Now, using a piece of cloth, warm water, and soap, wipe down the blade, then reinsert it back into your Cricut. Ensure that it is completely dry before completing this step, as it could compromise the quality of your next project if wet.

Make Sure the Blade Is Completely Inserted

There’s a possibility that your Cricut’s blade is not completely inserted into the cylinder. This could cause it to “score,” meaning that while the blade is making contact with your material, it is not cutting it.

To ensure that your blade is completely inserted, open the door, locate clamp B, and press down on the cylinder. You can even pull it out and try reinserting it if that is easier for you.

Cricut Only Cuts Certain Materials

While a Cricut can cut various types of materials, it cannot cut all materials. For example, these devices cannot cut fondant or similar materials.

For the full list of items that Cricut can cut (Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker), check out this table on the Cricut site.

In Conclusion

There could be multiple reasons why your Cricut isn’t “cutting it.” It could be because your need a new blade. It could also be because you need to increase the pressure settings on your device.

To learn more about operating and troubleshooting your Cricut, consult your user manual. You can click here to find the user manual that matches your make and model.