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Why is my Dyson Purifier Light Blinking? Explained

Why is my Dyson Purifier Light Blinking? Explained

A purifier has become a necessity in the modern world. We know that air outside the home is vulnerable to pollution. What many of us don’t understand is that much of the air inside can be polluted as well. An effective way to combat this is through an air purifier to help keep the air clean and tidy. However, when you have a Dyson Purifier, you may notice a blinking red light. 

Different lights on a Dyson Purifier can help signify various messages and status signs. The light on the Purifier can indicate that the WiFi is on, connected, and even indicate the mode in which the Purifier is operating.

As scary as it may sound, replacing a battery is no big deal if you read this guide. We will explain what the blinking lights mean, how to replace the battery, and what you can do to avoid this problem in the first place. So, to learn more about your Dyson Purifier, keep reading this article. 

Meanings Of Light Indicators On A Dyson Purifier

Light indicators can mean different things when you see them on different parts of your Dyson Purifier. Understanding the meaning behind these signs and the color of light you see is essential. This can help you quickly understand what the status of the machine is and how to react accordingly.

Internet Lights

There are lights on the Internet indicator on your Dyson Purifier. You will need an internet connection to be able to sync the device to the Dyson Link App on your phone. There are two different colors you can see when you switch on the Dyson Purifier. These are:

  1. Green, flashing lights: This means that the Purifier is ready and can connect to your phone App.
  2. White, flashing lights: With a white light on the Internet, you will know that the Internet is connecting to the device. 
  3. White, solid lights: When the light on your Dyson Purifier is a solid white, it is connected to the Internet. 

When there is no light on your WiFi symbol, that means that the Internet is off and that there is no connection between the Purifier and the mobile phone Dyson App. 

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Auto Mode Lights

When your Dyson Purifier is in auto mode, there are a few lights you can see. Here are some of the most common ones you will be able to see when this is the case:

  1. White, solid lights: This light indicates that the cleaning is not meeting the target air quality you have set. This can also happen when you just switch on the Dyson Purifier. 
  2. Green, solid lights: This light is a sign that the air quality is at the target level that you have set on the machine. 

Night Mode Lights

In night mode, there are is still an indicator light to let you know the machine is working. The symbol for night mode illuminates to a solid white to let you know the machine is in night mode. When the mode is off, the indicator also switches off. 

Understanding Dyson Purifier Symbols

Photo: Mashable

There are plenty of symbols you can see on the Dyson Air Purifier. There is an LCD display through which you can see all of these symbols, along with the levels and types of pollution. 

One such example you may come across is the filter indicator light. This lets you know how the filter is doing in various circumstances. When your filter needs cleaning or replacing, the indicator light can alert you that there is something wrong. 

Night Mode

The Night Mode is also a valuable tool on your Dyson Purifier LCD screen. This helps you clean the air at night with a simmer display and gentle sound so you can sleep. There is another filter that the machine uses for this purpose. If you have allergies, you may want to use this mode at night to sleep in peace. 

LCD Display Levels

The LCD display itself is a significant feature of Dyson. This oval case has all of the sensors that the machine uses. The sensors collect information about the pollutants in the air and measure them as it cleans the air. This way, it is able to detect and tell you what the pollutants are and how much is gone. This is also a massive help for people who have allergies. 

How To Maintain A Dyson Purifier

If you want to keep your Dyson Purifier clean and tidy, there are a few steps you should take to keep the machine healthy. These preventative measures will help avoid issues with the Purifier before they become serious. For one, make sure to keep the machine clean and tidy. 

You can wipe off the dust from the Dyson Purifier using a microfibre cloth. Another thing to keep an eye out for is blockages inside the air holes for your filter. You can get rid of these using a small brush that can gently clean the inside of the machine. However, always avoid using any chemical detergents that can damage the Purifier. 


Light indicators are essential because they can alert you to the status of your machine with just a few colors and light types. By knowing what these mean, you can make sure your machine is operating as it should. We hope that reading this article has made it clear what the function of these lights is on your Dyson Purifier.