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Why Is My MamaRoo Clicking?

Why Is My MamaRoo Clicking?

MamaRoo takes a concept mothers have used for generations and introduces it into the modern area. At its core, it’s a swing with five different soothing motions that you can control with your smartphone. Its gentle movements are designed to lull your little one to sleep, but what happens when its clicking noises prevent sleep from happening?

After 4 kids I finally gave in and got the MamaRoo when I found out I was pregnant with twins. I loved the MamaRoo and it definitely lived up to all the hype, but when I came across the clicking issues I just about lost my mind! That’s when I did what you’re doing now, I turned to the internet to find a solution. Hopefully, my “research” saves you some time – here’s what I learned:

A mamaRoo will make intermittent clicking sounds while it is in operation. However, if it is too loud or disturbing the device’s range of motion, it could be a problem with the gears. It could also be an issue with the base, or the child has exceeded the weight limit, making it difficult to move. 

Depending on the issue, you could fix your mamaRoo on your own or reach out to the product’s customer support team. Continue reading to learn more.

Reasons Why Your MamaRoo Is Clicking 

According to 4Moms, which manufacturers mamaRoos, it is perfectly normal for your mamaRoo to click. If it makes a rhythmic, whirring, or whooshing noise, this is to be expected.

However, if it is too loud or prevents your baby from relaxing, there could be a greater underlying issue. Consider the following problems and solutions:

The Grey Latch May Not Be in Place

The cradle in your mamaRoo will be attached to a grey, arc-like mechanism. Make sure that this mechanism is secured on both ends. If it is not, then it will make a clicking noise while it is in motion.

There Could Be a Problem with the Gears 

Your mamaRoo is powered by gears that are located at the base of the device. If the gears’ teeth are not lining up, not only could this prevent the device from working, but it could also create that dreaded clicking noise.

If you’re tech-savvy, you could open up the base and realign the gears yourself. However, this could be more trouble than it’s worth. Depending on how long ago you purchased your mamaRoo, you could file a warranty claim.

Your device is insured under a one-year limited warranty, according to 4Moms. However, this only applies to the models produced after 2015. You could also buy a replacement base online through the device’s manufacturer. 

There Could Be Something Obstructing the Swing’s Motion

Make sure that no objects are preventing the swing from moving. Try removing the mobile that comes with the device. Check for any pieces of plastic or debris around the grey latch, as this could prevent the device from moving.

Make Sure Your Baby Is at or Below the Weight Limit

Inevitably, your baby will outgrow some of its toys, clothes, and devices. This is especially true for the mamaRoo; it is designed for infants that are under 25 pounds. 4Moms also says that if your baby tries to climb out of the mamaRoo or can sit up by themselves, they have outgrown the product.

Note: Your child’s age will have little bearing on their weight, as every child develops differently.

Make Sure Your Baby Is Balanced in the Cradle

When you place your baby in the mamaRoo, there should be equal weight distribution. Their head, arms, legs, or feet should not dangle off the side of the cradle. If they are not positioned correctly in the mamaRoo, this could add strain to the product’s internal motors and gears.

Reach Out to mamaRoo’s Customer Support Team

If you tried the above measures to no avail, you could contact mamaRoo’s customer support team. They can provide you with more insight into the functionality of your device and what could be making that clicking sound.

  • If you live in the United States, you can send an electronic inquiry to 4Moms at
  • You can call 4Moms’ customer support hotline at 1(888) 614-6667.

You could also return it to the retailer from which you purchased your device.

Periodic Maintenance Could Increase Your mamaRoo’s Lifespan

Your mamaRoo is designed to last until your child outgrows it. However, if you are planning on using it for your future arrivals, there are some things you can do to make it last for years. This includes:

  • Wiping down the mamaRoo regularly with a sanitizing wipe
  • Checking the grey latch for any obstructions
  • Resetting the device
  • Keep it in a cool environment free from debris, dust, or dirt
  • Disassemble when not in use

It is also recommended that you remove the cradle’s cloth cover and clean it with cold water using your washing machine’s “gentle” cycle.

In Conclusion

If your mamaRoo is emitting soft, clicking sounds, that means that everything is normal. However, when it starts to become a problem, there could be various reasons why your mamaRoo is not working as intended. For more information about what solutions could remedy your problem, you can consult your product’s user manual here.