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Why is My Sleep Number Bed Losing Air?

Why is My Sleep Number Bed Losing Air?

The Sleep Number bed is ideal for partners with different preferences in the firmness of their mattress. Equipped with air pumps on either side of the mattress, the bed can be adjusted to create two unique levels of firmness within a single bed. However, the benefits of the Sleep Number bed cannot be realized if the bed is not holding air properly. What is causing the air loss?

The Sleep Number bed is most likely losing air due to a poor hose connection or a Firmness Control System that is out of sync. In rarer cases, small tears in the air chamber may cause a leak that is preventing the mattress from remaining inflated.

When air loss is noted regularly, it is important to go through a series of troubleshooting steps to locate the leak and pinpoint the most effective remedy. More often than not, the issue results from poor connectivity, as the Sleep Number is durably designed to prevent the punctures that mar standard air mattresses.

Bad Hose Connection

The most likely cause of air loss in a Sleep Number mattress is a poor connection between the air chamber and the pump that keeps the mattress inflated. Fortunately, this is a simple and straightforward issue to remedy.

Locate the air hose connections on the side of the mattress. Give them a gentle tug. If you notice that the hoses are moving around a lot, the connection is not secure, and you are losing air through this port.

Unplug the hose and screw it back in tightly. Make sure that it is flush against the mattress to guarantee the proper seal. Inflate the mattress and gently move your fingers around the connection. You should not feel any air trickling out.

Sleep on the mattress overnight. If the bed continues to deflate, then the hose connection is not the cause of the air leak.

Firmness Control System Out of Sync

Each side of the Sleep Number mattress will come with a pump and an electric control that monitors the firmness level and makes sure that the mattress remains within the desired settings. This is known as the Firmness Control System.

First, check to make sure that you have the firmness level set where you want it. If the Firmness Control System got unplugged or otherwise reset for any reason, it may be inflating the mattress to a lower level that makes it seem like there is a leak.

If the pump appears to be set correctly, you may want to re-sync the system to see if a glitch was causing the pump to operate erratically. This can be done through the following steps:

  1. Make sure the bed is plugged into a functioning outlet.
  2. Locate the “hip” button on the side of the bed. It will contain the Sleep Number logo and be located at hip level when lying flat. The hip button will not light up if the bed is not plugged in properly.
  3. Make sure that the power cord and black wire connecting the base to the pump are plugged in. These will be under the bed at the sleeper’s left foot.
  4. Press and hold down the hip button until it starts blinking. Press “Continue” and set the bed to the desired firmness level.

Leak in the Air Chamber

The worst-case scenario with air loss is a leak in one of the air chambers. Fortunately, this is not likely, as the Sleep Number is durably designed to withstand everyday use. However, some old mattresses may eventually develop a leak, or those mattresses that have been exposed to acute trauma, such as catching a nail during the moving process.

When you have ruled out issues with connectivity and Firmness Control System, it is worth contacting a Sleep Number location and deciding how to proceed. They may be able to patch an air chamber leak and salvage your mattress.

Changes in Temperature

Users should note that major fluctuations in temperature can cause changes in air pressure that may affect the firmness of a mattress. Specifically, if temperatures suddenly drop, air particles within the mattress will slow down and cause air pressure to drop, making it seem like the mattress is losing air.

Establish a stable temperature within your home, inflate the mattress to the desired level, and sleep overnight to see if the firmness remains adequate.


The Sleep Number bed uses a system of separate air chambers on each side of the mattress to allow partners to adjust the bed to their specific firmness preferences. However, the mattress cannot fulfill its intended design in the face of an air leak.

If your Sleep Number bed is losing air, it is most likely the result of a bad hose connection between the pump and air chamber. By using the troubleshooting tips listed above, you can pinpoint the cause of the leak and keep your Sleep Number mattress at the desired firmness level.