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Why is My Sonos Beam Light Green?

Why is My Sonos Beam Light Green?

The Sonos Beam is marketed as the smart soundbar, playing any media of your choice via voice, app, or remote command. However, some users have noticed that the LED light on their Sonos Beam is shining green, with sound coming from their device and not the soundbar. What is the cause of this green light?

A solid green light on the Sonos Beam indicates that the soundbar has been muted; a blinking green light is an indication that the Sonos Beam has been powered on and is ready to be set up.

In a few isolated cases, some users have reported a green light as an indication that the Sonos Beam has lost its sync with the connected device. However, this is not normal for a properly functioning product, as a green light, whether solid or blinking, should be a very standard indicator light for the soundbar.

Solid Green Light on Sonos Beam

Most Sonos Beam users indicate frustration when the status light is solid green, but nothing appears to be going on with the soundbar. After all, green is the universal signal for “go,” generally meaning that everything is in working order.

However, with Sonos soundbars and speakers, a solid green status light indicates a muted system. To remedy this situation, simply toggle the volume increase button on the remote, app, or soundbar itself to bring the speaker off of mute.

Once the Sonos Beam gets this instruction to project sound, the status light should switch from solid green to solid white.

What If the Sonos Beam Isn’t Muted?

Some users have indicated observing a solid green light in situations when the Sonos Beam is not muted. In this scenario, no sound comes from the soundbar but can be heard coming from the television or other device to which the Sonos Beam is supposed to be connected, with subsequent volume increases affecting the connected device but doing nothing to the soundbar.

While this is not a standard scenario, the Sonos Beam may be recognizing a muted condition due to several reasons:

  • Poor Wi-Fi connection – When connecting the soundbar to the network via Wi-Fi, it is possible that the router is too far away from the soundbar. Check the network strength and restart the Sonos Beam to see if it is recognized.
  • Bad HDMI connection – If you are connecting the Sonos Beam to the television via an HDMI cable, make sure that the cable is in good condition and both ends of the cable are securely inserted into the proper port.
  • Non-standard television audio settings – Some televisions have their audio settings configured to where when the primary speaker becomes muted, a secondary speaker takes over to project sound. Try resetting the television’s audio settings to see if this remedies the problem.

These irregular scenarios of a solid green light are usually solved by powering the Sonos Beam off and on or unplugging the device to reset the system. However, if the problem persists, it is a good idea to contact Sonos customer support so it can help you further troubleshoot the issue.

Flashing Green Light on Sonos Beam

A flashing green status light is an indication that the Sonos Beam is powered on and ready to be used. When you get this blinking green light, your Sonos Beam should be visible as a pairing option. The status light should blink green whenever the system is powered on or reset, switching from flashing green to solid white when the soundbar is successfully synced.

Sonos Beam Status Light vs. Indicator

The status light is a LED signal light located on the top of the Sonos Beam. It is near the power button just below the microphone indicator. It has an oblong, rectangular shape and is meant to convey the soundbar’s current playback status.

Speaking of the microphone indicator, the status light should not be confused with the microphone light, which has a different set of color indicators. It is a smaller light than the status light and is located just above the microphone indicator.

Other Sonos Beam Status Light Colors

Some other common light colors you may see when using your Sonos Beam include:

  • Solid white – the product is powered up and functioning properly
  • Flashing white – the product is booting up after being powered on
  • Solid orange – the product is powered on but was unable to sync properly, or the product is overheating
  • Flashing orange and white – the product is either updating or experiencing a fault condition
  • Flashing red – the product was not set up within 30 minutes of powering on
  • Flashing red and white – the product failed to update properly
  • No light – the product has been powered off

In Summary

The Sonos Beam is an innovative smart soundbar capable of syncing with any number of devices. When the status light on the top of the Sonos Bean is solid green, it means that the sound has been muted. Increasing the volume will restore the soundbar to its normal function and turn the status light solid white.

In rare cases, a solid green light may indicate connectivity issues in which the soundbar thinks it is muted, with such problems likely remedied by the troubleshooting methods listed above.

Meanwhile, a flashing green status light means that the Sonos Beam has successfully powered on and is ready to be set up.