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Why Is My Viking Refrigerator Not Making Ice?

Why Is My Viking Refrigerator Not Making Ice?

There’s nothing better than coming in from a hot day and getting an ice-cold glass of water. However, there is also nothing more frustrating than realizing that while you were out making the most of a hot day, your Viking refrigerator was not making ice. There could be quite a few reasons for this.

A Viking refrigerator may not be making ice because there is ice in the water supply line. This would prevent water from making it into the freezer and being turned into ice. Alternatively, there could also be a problem with the water filter, which would effectively stop you from getting ice.

With each of these issues come relatively easy solutions. Continue reading to learn more about troubleshooting your Viking refrigerator.

Reasons Why Your Viking Refrigerator Is Not Making Ice

Truthfully, there is no straightforward answer as to why your refrigerator is not making ice. However, that does not mean that you are out of solutions. Here are some possible reasons why your Viking refrigerator is not making ice and what you can do to fix this problem:

There Is a Clog in the Water Supply Line

To fix this problem, first, turn off the water supply to your refrigerator. If you do not know which valve you should turn off, simply follow the water supply line to its source. You should also turn off the ice maker, as well.

Afterward, you should:

  1. Detach the water supply line. If you find that the water has stopped at a certain point, locate the clot, and determine why.
  2. Once you have identified the clot, you may need to siphon the water supply line. You can do this by purchasing the Koehler Enterprises RA990 Multi-Use Siphon Fuel Transfer Pump Kit.
  3. Reattach the water supply line and turn the water and icemaker back on.

At this point, give your refrigerator a few hours to make ice. If a clot was the source of your problem, and you removed it, you should have resolved the issue.

You May Need to Replace the Water Filter

Your refrigerator’s water filter’s goal is to filter out bacteria and ensure the integrity of your drinking water. You should replace your refrigerator’s water filter about twice a year. If you do not, then:

  • Your water or ice might have a “strange” taste.
  • Bacteria will start to form outside the filter and comprise the safety of your water and ice.
  • You will be unable to get ice from your refrigerator.

You can purchase replacement water filters here. Your purchase will also come with instructions that explain how you can change out your product’s water filter.

There Could be a Water Valve Problem

All of your plumbing home accessories have water valves. These are devices that control water flow. If you turn off the valve to a toilet or sink, you will not get water.

Follow your refrigerator’s water supply line to its source. There, you should find the water valve. You can tell whether the valve is turned off by looking at it.

You May Need to Reset Your Ice Maker

Unlike other electronic devices, your Viking refrigerator will not have a reset button. To reset your device, you will need to unplug the refrigerator for about 30 seconds. Performing this function should not spoil your food or lead to any related problems.

After successfully resetting your refrigerator, give it a few hours to start making ice.

Your Refrigerator Could Have a Factory Defect

If you have exhausted all of the above recommendations and are still not getting ice from your Viking refrigerator, it could have a factory defect. This means that something went wrong while the refrigerator was being manufactured.

If this happened in your situation, you could get a replacement or component repaired under Viking’s limited warranty. Your eligibility will largely depend on:

  • The nature of your problem
  • How long ago you purchased your refrigerator
  • Whether you made any alterations to your refrigerator (like self-repairs or customizations)

You can learn more about your customer support options by clicking here. You can contact Viking’s customer support team either online or over the phone.

In Summary

The reason why your Viking refrigerator is not making ice could be due to a variety of issues. Most likely, something is preventing your water supply line from delivering water to your refrigerator. 

You can resolve this problem on your own, contact a Viking-certified technician, or call Viking’s customer support network. You can learn more about how your device operates by reading your user manual. Your Viking refrigerator’s model and its serial number could be behind the produce drawer or on the refrigerator’s interior ceiling.