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Why is Your Dyson Not Charging? Troubleshooting Guide

Why is Your Dyson Not Charging? Troubleshooting Guide

When it comes to finding innovative cleaning solutions for your home, it can be argued that every homeowner must have a cordless Dyson vacuum. Manufactured in various shapes and sizes to meet the cleaning needs of any household, Dyson has a wide range of products that can specialize in deep cleans, pet hair, or hardwood surfaces. But what happens when your Dyson vacuum will not charge?

The cause of charging malfunctions in your Dyson may be due to several factors, such as poor electrical connectivity, extreme temperatures, a soiled unit, or damage to the battery.

As of March 2018, all Dyson vacuums became cordless, so it is essential that the battery gets charged properly for the vacuum to function. The following troubleshooting guide will help you work through potential charging issues and determine whether a new battery is required for your unit.

Why is My Dyson Not Charging?

When your Dyson is in normal operating mode, there should be no status light for most models. However, when you mount the Dyson in the docking station, the status light should illuminate. If the status light stays off, or if it flashes blue, it is an indication that the battery is not charging.

When the battery is charging happily, a solid blue status light should appear. When you see this light, give the Dyson 3.5 hours to charge fully. However, if you are having trouble achieving a solid blue light when charging, there could be several issues at play.

Connectivity Issues

As with any electronic charging issue, it is best to check all connections before jumping to the conclusion that your appliance needs to be replaced. Make sure that the power cord is fully plugged into both the outlet and the Dyson charging port. If all connections are strong, plug in the wall charger for your cell phone and see if the outlet itself is live.

Damaged Charging Cord

Charging cords can wear down over time and lose their ability to conduct electric current. Twisting at odd angles, nibbling by pets, and too much sun exposure are all factors that can lead to nicks and cuts in your power cord. Once the underlying wires are exposed, even the smallest air, dust, or moisture particles can cause the cord to malfunction.

If you have a power cord that is exhibiting signs of wear, it is very likely the reason that the indicator light is not recognizing the charge.

Docking Not Set Up

The docking station is wall-mounted hardware that allows you to charge the Dyson while storing it as unobtrusively as possible. However, installing the docking station is not required to charge the Dyson, as users can connect the charging station cord to the free-standing Dyson.

In some cases, this causes the charging station cord to become stretched too far, affecting its performance. This is an especially prevalent concern in older Dysons, so it may be worthwhile to mount the docking station and install the charging station cord in its recommended setup if you are having charging issues.

Overly Soiled Vacuum

When a vacuum becomes overly soiled, it can interrupt the connection between the vacuum and the battery, leading to charging inefficiency. This is a classic scenario when a blinking blue status light might appear in older Dysons. Therefore, make sure the vacuum is clean if you are having charging problems. Some cleaning tips include:

  • Thoroughly dust and clean the interior of the vacuum’s canister
  • Clear any blockages from the wand or hose
  • Wash the vacuum filter

Extreme Temperatures

In some cases, the status light may shine solid amber. Not only does this indicate that the Dyson is not charging, but all other functions will be impeded, as well. The Dyson’s temperature must be between 37°F and 104°F to charge and function correctly.

Faulty Charger Fuse

Like any appliance, a blown fuse can put a stop to electricity flow. The charger and cradle for your Dyson has a fuse, and if it has stopped working, it will be the cause of your vacuum not charging.

The fuse is located under a small panel in the plug. Remove the panel using a small flathead screwdriver, pop the old fuse out, and replace it with a new fuse of the same amperage to get your charging system working again.

Bad Battery

In a worst-case scenario, your Dyson’s battery may be damaged. The removable battery pack is located on the handle of your vacuum. Remove the battery pack and check for any signs of cracks or other damage.

In newer models, you may need to use a small screwdriver to access the battery once the pack is removed. Use the same process for checking over the battery for signs of wear. 


Dyson makes some of the most innovative vacuums on the market today, capable of reaching touch areas and cleaning various unique surfaces. As all of their vacuum products, such as the V6, are cordless, it is vital that the battery charge correctly. By using the troubleshooting tips listed above, you can identify the cause of your charging issues and return power to your Dyson vacuum.