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Why Is Your mamaRoo Not Working? (Troubleshooting Guide)

Why Is Your mamaRoo Not Working? (Troubleshooting Guide)

It’s 2 am, the baby’s crying, and to make matters worse, your mamaRoo isn’t working. Don’t despair; a few moments of your time can get your mamaRoo working and your baby fast asleep. It all depends on what’s really wrong with your device.

As a mother of 6 I know first-hand that as a new parent, your time is precious, so below, I’m going to cover how you can troubleshoot your device so you can figure out why it isn’t working and resolve the issue as fast as possible.

Why Is My mamaRoo Not Working?

Here are some possible reasons why your device isn’t working:

  • It’s not getting adequate power. Try plugging in your mamaRoo into a different outlet. You need to get anywhere from 100 to 240 volts for your product to work (according to Amazon).
  • An obstruction is preventing motion. Before powering on your device, make sure that no obstructions are keeping the mamaRoo from moving. Check for clothing, toys, or debris that could keep the mamaRoo from working.
  • Your child exceeds the mamaRoo’s weight limit. Once your child reaches 25 pounds, the mamaRoo will not work. This is for your child’s safety. If your child is under 25 pounds and you’re still having this problem, try redistributing their weight.
    • Once your child can sit upright on their own, this is a sign they’ve outgrown their mamaRoo. The mamaRoo’s sensors might register that the child is over the weight limit because of their sitting position. Again, this feature is for your child’s safety.
  • Something’s wrong with your Bluetooth connection. If this happens, you won’t be able to play music or control your mamaRoo wirelessly. Make sure that the mamaRoo isn’t connected to another Bluetooth device. You could also try resetting the mamaRoo’s Bluetooth settings, which you can learn more about by clicking here.

These are just some reasons why your mamaRoo isn’t working. While it may not immediately solve your problem, knowing the root cause of the issue could narrow down your options for fixing it.  

Troubleshooting Options for mamaRoo

The following are some troubleshooting options you can try once you’ve determined the cause of your mamaRoo not working:

Check the mamaRoo’s Power Cord

If your mamaRoo isn’t turning on, then this is probably a power problem. If you already tried plugging it into a different outlet with no success, it could be an issue with the power cord. Luckily, you could buy a new AC adapter, plug it into your mamaRoo, and potentially fix the problem.

Alternatively, one of the mamaRoo’s inner jacks might be damaged. To check this, unplug the small end of the AC adapter from your mamaRoo and shine a light inside the part. If the wire component is bent, this could be impeding your device’s power supply. When this happens, try straightening out the wire with a needle nose plyer and plugging your device back in.

Get Rid of Any Obstructions That Prevent Movement

Take a look at your mamaRoo. If nothing is visibly impeding its motion, my recommendation is to take it apart, then put it back together again. Even the smallest piece of debris, like a piece of plastic, could prevent the mamaRoo from moving.

To disassemble your mamaRoo:

  1. Turn the mobile 90 degrees sideways and pull it upward.
  2. Press the ball lock to remove the device’s side rails.
  3. Remove the end cap at the foot of the cradle.
  4. Unlock the recline switch.
  5. Pull out the support center tube.

After doing this, check for anything that would keep your device from moving. You could even try spraying compressed air into hard-to-reach areas to clear any small pieces. From here, put your mamaRoo back together again. You can learn about those instructions by clicking here.

Opt for Another Device if Your Child Is Too Big

Earlier, I mentioned that once your child reaches 25 pounds, the mamaRoo will stop working. When this happens, you’re best off putting your mamaRoo back in its box and saving it for your next child.

However, if your child can’t get enough of the device, you could get the Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing, which accommodates babies up to 30 pounds.

Keep in mind that if your baby is 25 pounds now, it’ll only be a matter of time before they hit 30 pounds. So, maybe think about how indoor or outdoor swings could meet a similar need to what the mamaRoo does.

Consider Filing a Warranty Claim

If you’ve exhausted all of the options on this list, there could be a mechanical or software problem preventing your device from working. Depending on the type of mamaRoo you purchased, you could have anywhere from six months to one year to file a warranty claim. If mamaRoo accepts it, they could replace your device at little to no cost. MamaRoo says that they will factor in use, the date of purchase, and other considerations when determining whether they’ll cover the cost of repairs.


So, there could be a lot of reasons why your mamaRoo isn’t working. However, by consulting the tips I listed above, you determine which solutions could address your problem.