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Why Won’t Your Nerf Rival Work? Troubleshooting Guide

Why Won’t Your Nerf Rival Work? Troubleshooting Guide

The Nerf Rival series takes playtime to a whole new level. Rather than manually loading each dart into the pistol’s chamber, this line of products allows you to shoot up to 100 balls at rapid-fire speed. But what happens when in the heat of battle, your Nerf Rival won’t work?

A Nerf Rival may not work because of a jam. Depending on the gun’s model, there should be a “jam clearing door.” Open this mechanism and remove the ball that is stuck. If this does not work, try cocking the pistol all the way. Make sure that it is not “locked,” as this will not let the user shoot.

Typically, a Nerf Rival won’t work for a few reasons. Some of these are:

  1. The ammo is jammed inside the blaster
  2. The Nerf Rival has an internal component that is broken.
  3. The wrong size ammo is being used causing the blaster to malfunction.

If one of the components inside of your Nerf gun broke off, you could return the device to the retailer where you purchased it. If not, you could contact Hasbro customer service. Continue reading to learn more about troubleshooting your device.

Reasons Why Your Nerf Gun Won’t Work

Right now, there are six Nerf Rival guns available on the market. Some models, like the Nerf Takedown XX-800, use pump-action priming; other models, like the Nerf Rival Charger MXX-1200, require internal motors.

While they are all different in design, they pretty much operate the same way. With that said, the below issues and troubleshooting options will look similar for each model.

Your Ammo Is Jammed

The idea behind Nerf Rival guns is that, to some extent, they are semi-automatic. The Nerf Rival Charger MXX-1200, for instance, can hold up to 12 high-impact rounds and shoot them at 95 feet per second. However, sometimes the balls can get jammed.

All Nerf Rival guns come with jam clearing doors. This is usually located on by the near-sight lens. If you open the rear jam door, you can reach in and remove the stuck ball. Alternatively, you can use a long tool to dislodge the ball and continue shooting.

Make sure that you are using the ammo designed for your device, as not all Nerf darts, balls, and other ammo are compatible with other models.

An Internal Component Is Broken

In the heat of a Nerf battle, things can get messy. You might have dropped your gun or accidentally slammed it into something. Although Nerf guns are built to last, at the end of the day, they are plastic.

You could face issues if anyone of the following internal components is cracked, bent, or missing:

  • The internal mechanisms
  • The magazine release
  • The magazine
  • The trigger lock
  • The acceleration button

If this happens, you might be out of luck. You may need to purchase a new device if it gave out due to general wear and tear. As noted previously, depending on how long ago you purchased the product, you may be able to contact Hasbro directly or exchange it through your retailer.

Why Won’t My Nerf Rival Charger Work?

The Nerf Rival Charger is one of the few models that use motors to shoot ammo. However, a fun day at the park can quickly turn sour if it stops working.

Typically, the Nerf Rival Charger won’t work for a few reasons. Some of these are:

  1. The safety is on and preventing the Nerf Rival Charger from shooting.
  2. The sliding door used to clear jams is not completely shut and therefore the blaster cannot shoot.
  3. The batteries for the Nerf Rival Charger have been drained and need to be replaced.
  4. The trigger has become stuck

The Safety Is On

Like a real firearm, Nerf has a mechanism in place that keeps its devices from randomly shooting. Before assuming that your Nerf Charger is gone for good, check this feature. For it to work, it needs to be turned off.

The Jam Clearing Door Is Open

For the motors to function, the jam sliding doors must be closed all the way. This is designed as a safety feature. If the door is already closed, try re-loading the magazine. Make sure that there is no dirt between the small plastic door and its frame.

Your Nerf Gun Is Out of Batteries

Not all Nerf guns rely on batteries, but some do. If your Nerf Rival Charger has suddenly stopped working, take a moment to change the batteries.

The types of batteries that you need will depend on your model. Most Nerf Chargers take six C-batteries. If you opted for the rechargeable battery pack, try charging it. The problem might be with your power source, not the gun.

The Trigger Is Stuck

If the trigger is stuck, you generally have one of two options. You could:

  • Open and close the hatch. On the right side of some Nerf Rival Chargers, there is a small hatch. Press down on it firmly to make sure that it is closed.
  • Try taking it apart. You may need to open up the gun to remedy this issue. There is a small fragment that works in tandem with the power source and trigger. Make sure that nothing is keeping the fragments from operating.
  • Check the gun’s barrel for any obstructions, as this could also be impeding your device’s function.

In Conclusion

Your Nerf Rival may not be working for various reasons, but that does not mean that it is broken. Try out any of the above troubleshooting steps to get your Nerf gun up and running again.