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Winegard RV Antenna Will Not Rotate

Winegard RV Antenna Will Not Rotate

After coming back from a long day on the trail, there’s nothing you want more than to plop down inside your RV and watch some free TV. With the Winegard RV Antenna, you can stream a host of free channels in your area, including FOX, NBC, ABC, and PBS. However, if your antenna won’t rotate, you could get grainy channels––or worse, none at all.

If your Winegard RV Antenna will not rotate, you need to lubricate your antenna’s various components, including its base, elevating gear, and quad ring. Sometimes, between periods of excessive use, the components can get stiff, preventing the device from capturing all available channels. 

Here, I’ll talk about how you can lubricate your Winegard RV’s antenna to get the best possible performance the next time you need to reposition or point it. (Under no circumstances should you force any components into place, as this could damage or break the device.)

What Should I Do If My Winegard Antenna Won’t Rotate?

If your Winegard RV antenna won’t rotate, you’ll need to lubricate the device in different areas so that it can move again.

However, before you think about getting out the cooking spray or petroleum jelly to lubricate your antenna, think again. Winegard recommends using silicon-based lubricant for the following reasons:

  • It extends the lifetime of metal, rubber, and vinyl.
  • It dries fast and clear.
  • It can withstand temperatures of over 100 degrees––perfect if you’re planning a trek to the beach or desert.
  • It acts as a seal and prevents moisture from building up.

Using a water-based lubricant could end up breaking down your antenna over time.

How to Lubricate Your Winegard RV Antenna

Now that you have a silicon-based lubricant, apply it to these components:

The Elevating Crank

This component lets you adjust the height of your antenna. If it grinds or gives you resistance when you crank it, it needs to be lubricated. Simply spray some WD-40 onto the gear, rotate it clockwise, then lift it up and down a few times.

The Gear Housing and Base Plate

Straight from the Winegard Antenna user manual, if lubricating the elevating crank didn’t work, then you’ll need to apply lubricant to the device’s gear housing and base plate. To lubricate it:

  1. Elevate the antenna.
  2. Remove the screw or plug from the top of the gearbox.
  3. Spray the lubricant into the holes of the gear housing, as well as the places around it.
  4. Rotate the gears until you don’t feel any tension or resistance.

Note: Page 5 of the Winegard Antenna’s user manual offers a simplified diagram to help you locate the right components.

The Rubber Quad Ring

The quad ring will look like a cylinder with a spiral wrapping around it. The user manual notes that even if your Winegard antenna works perfectly, you should lubricate this component twice a year. This process is easy since you don’t have to remove anything. Simply locate the rubber quad ring and apply a generous amount of lubrication.

What If My Winegard RV Antenna Still Won’t Rotate?  

You have a few options if your Winegard RV antenna still won’t rotate. See if the following troubleshooting steps help your situation:

Check for Any Obstructions

Even if you keep your Winegard antenna safe inside your RV, particles, debris, or dust could prevent it from attaining its full range of motion. To check for obstructions:

  • Identify the part that is stuck or resisting motion.
  • Use your phone’s flashlight or a magnifying glass to locate any obstructions.
  • Use a feather duster to clear away any “invisible” particles.

You could also use a blow dryer to blow away small particles. However, keep the blow dryer far away from your device and have it at the lowest possible heat setting.

Loosen Any Screws

During the installation process, you might have screwed in something too firmly or otherwise missed a step. If certain components are too tight, like screws, nuts, or bolts, this could prevent the antenna from moving.

Try using a screwdriver to relieve some of the pressure the screws are putting on the device. Experiment with varying degrees of motion until you attain the desired result.

File a Warranty Claim

Sometimes, the problem isn’t you; it’s the device. If your antenna isn’t working because of a factory-specific defect, you could file a warranty claim. Winegard gives you 30 days from the date of purchase to file a warranty claim. If successful, they could repair or replace your device free of charge.

This is a pretty short time to file a warranty claim compared to other technology on today’s market, so if you bought your device more than 30 days ago and it’s not working as expected, it’s best to contact Winegard customer support.

The Takeaway 

Even the smallest purchases in life require periodic maintenance, and Winegard RV antennas are no different. Winegard recommends lubricating all of your antenna’s components a couple of times a year. However, the problem could lie beyond that if it wasn’t installed or manufactured properly.