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15 Free Things To Do With Your Family In Minnesota

15 Free Things To Do With Your Family In Minnesota

Are you planning a family vacation, and Minnesota is your most feasible option? Well, you are lucky because we have a guide on everything you must do with your family while in the area. An itinerary is necessary, and we have made your job easier. 

Read up to learn more about every must-do thing. This article is divided into three sections: Art, Parks, and Historical sites so that you may navigate through this based on your preference. 

For The Artsy Ones

If art appeals to you as a family or you want to incorporate a quick art gallery tour into your trip, Minnesota has a few options. 

Visit The Walker Art Centre 

The Walker Art Centre is home to an array of modern art. Most emerging artists display their work here, and if you are lucky, you can see a show or performance happening while you are there. Entry to The Walker Art Centre is free every Thursday night. 

Your kids under 18 get free admission regardless of the day! The place is easily accessible and next to several other sites, you must visit while in Minneapolis. 

Go To The Minneapolis Institute Of Art

The Minneapolis Institute of Art referred to as MIA, is a wonderful free place to visit. Immerse in the range of art collections that are stored here. This place consists of 89000 pieces of art collected from across the world. This may be a place for inspiration and motivation for you and your children. 

For a brief look into the institute, watch this video: The Contemporary Print: 20 Years at Highpoint Editions

Look At The Street Art And Murals

Minnesota might be one of the less-known states where art is open to more than museums and galleries. Art is everywhere you see. One indicative example is the number of murals and street art you can find across the state. 

Two of the most popular murals are in Minneapolis, known as the Bob Dylan and Prince murals. There are three Prince murals, and they are all an homage to the star, the inspiration, Prince. 

For The Outdoorsy Ones

Are you a family that loves nature and wants to spend more time outdoors than indoors? Minnesota might be the best place for this, with its extensive water bodies and views. 

Admire The Beauty At The Munsinger Clemens Gardens

Located in St. Cloud, the Munsinger Clemens Gardens are a sight to hold. The gardens have fostered rare plants, vines, and trees for over 200 years. The rose gardens and fountains make for the perfect backdrop for a family photo! What’s better is this place holds concerts and performances on weekends. 

Go To The Bde Maka Ska Park

Minnesota is home to many lakes; you may only be able to visit some of them, but the Bde Maka Ska is a must-visit! This is the largest lake in Minneapolis. You can have a beach day here, boat in the lake, or walk around it and take in the view with your family. If you are interested in the history of the park’s name, check it out here. 

Watch The Swans At Swan Park

You are in luck if you are in Minnesota from November through March. This is the peak time when flocks of swans gather along the Mississippi river. Swan park has viewing decks for people. The park charges a small fee, but it isn’t too high. 

Go To The Minnehaha Park For The Waterfalls

The Minnehaha park is one of the oldest in Minneapolis and holds a stunning waterfall. You can hike up the waterfall and get better sights at the creek if you are an athletic family. If not, you can have a cute picnic day in the park. 

Visit The National Grand Rounds Scenic Byway 

The grand scenic byway is a stretch of road connected to multiple sights and takes you through Minneapolis. No cars are allowed, and people are encouraged to walk, bike, or skate here. 

If you are up for it, you could walk on the scenic byway, stop to take some pictures, take in the view, or visit the sights that come along the way. 

Get In Touch With Your Artist At Sculpture Garden

Yes, the sculpture garden is exactly what it sounds like. There are massive sculptures everywhere, 40 to be exact. It is said that artists made these sculptures from across the world. 

Entertain Your Kids At The Como Zoo And Conservatory

Located in St. Barts, this place is one of the more popular ones among families with curious kids. The zoo is home to polar bears, giraffes, sea lions, and much more. The conservatory holds multiple rare plants and flowers. The Japanese garden is worth paying a visit to here. 

Take A Walk Down The Memory Lane

If you or your kids are interested in learning more about the history of the place you are visiting, below is a list of historical sights which are completely free. Minnesota has a rich history that is mostly conserved and open to the public. 

Go To The Mills Ruins Park

The Mills Ruins Park is situated where flour mills were located decades ago. Some of the ruins are conserved and can be seen by tourists. This can be a history lesson, but it can also become a picnic if you wish. 

Go To The SPAM Museum

Located in Austin, the SPAM museum is dedicated to the company that produced canned meat products known as the Hormel Food Corporation. Visitors have reported that the museum provides a fun tour with a lot of interesting information. 

Visit the Stone Arch Bridge

The Stone Arch Bridge is Minneapolis’ landmark and holds immense historical value to the city. The bridge is open to pedestrians and overlooks the Mississippi river and the town’s beautiful architecture. This can be a fun activity to do as a family. 

Final Thoughts

Minnesota is versatile and has much more to offer than we could fit into one article. So many hidden gems are yet to be explored and put on the radar. We hope this guide helped you find something that excites you, and we wish you a fun trip!