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About Us

Eyerly Family 2021


a.k.a. Double Decker Family

Our family started when Dane and Deena met while attending college together. Shortly after meeting Dane and Deena were engaged, then married a year later. The rest is history as they say, but here are a few details: Dane and Deena moved to Texas after marrying and soon after welcomed their first of six beautiful children.

As a family The Eyerly’s enjoy spending a ton of time together, traveling, sports, board games, art, science, and just about anything outside. In September 2020, The Eyerly’s purchased a Van Hool TD925 Double Decker bus to convert into their full-time roaming tiny home. The bus will be fully converted and The Eyerly’s plan to move into their new tiny home in the summer of 2021. Once moved in they plan to spend 2 weeks in each of the continental United States. Follow them on YouTube (Double Decker Family) and Instagram: @doubledeckerfam

Double D 2022


Our Daily Driver a.k.a. Double D

After purchasing the bus in 2020 we dropped it off in Utah to be completely renovated and turned into our roaming tiny home. Double D is a Van Hool TD925 with a Cummins ISM 10.8L engine paired with a ZF Astronic transmission. When completed Double D will have six-bedroom pods and sleeping for up to 10 people. Double D has two restrooms and a full shower. Double D also has a 75-gallon freshwater tank, 75-gallon gray water tank, and a 70-gallon black water tank. For hot water Double D has a 20-gallon hot water heater and a huge power system with four 355-watt Panasonic solar panels connected to an AIMS 6000-watt inverter with 8 Lion Safari UT 1300 batteries which are 105 Ah each. Double D is 13’5.5″ tall and just under 44′ long. Sitting on top of Double D is a 20-foot roof deck as well. The lower level of Double D is 5’10” and the upper level is 5’6″.

Dane Eyerly 2021


The Teddy Bear a.k.a. “Big Papa”

I call the kids “baby goats” and they call me “Big Papa.” As a father, I couldn’t be more blessed than to have my incredible wife, Deena, by my side and these six absolutely amazing children as my best friends. Truly, they are the greatest joy in my life. When Deena and I married we weren’t sure how big of a family we wanted, but we are so glad we followed the Lord’s promptings and we are so blessed that the Lord gave us this family.

 A little about me: I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. I love board games (I have somewhere north of 250). I am an Eagle Scout and enjoy camping and the outdoors. I enjoy working online and sharing what I learn with others.

In 2020 I lost one of my best friends and a dear companion. Pictured with me is the dog I have had since before I met Deena. His name is Texas and he was a great part of our family. He is very missed.

Deena Eyerly 2021


Family CEO a.k.a. Mom

I’m a stay-at-home mom. It’s the best job in the world, and these “baby goats” as Dane calls them are so fun to be with every day (even if they do push my buttons every now and then). I love our big family and all the beautiful chaos that comes with having a large family. I’m lucky to be married to a man like Dane who works tirelessly to provide for our family and give us the life we desire.

A little about me: I grew up in a large family in Utah. I enjoy off-roading and adventures and I also love any time I get to use my sewing machine.  

Dane and I met in school and quickly became best friends. I feel pretty fortunate to have met him and blessed that we get to spend so much time together and with our kids. 

Yeti Bear 2021


The Artist a.k.a Yeti Bear

I’m the oldest! Nothing can stop me I’m all the way up. Keep it 100 I’m runnin’ the game. If you ain’t ’bout winning you can’t stay. All I do is win win win no matter what. That’s my jam, that’s how I roll.

I love art and you can check out some of my art on my YouTube channel (Time to Paint). Right now I mostly do fluid art and pour paintings with acrylic, but I also love to paint with a brush when I can. I also really love math so I’m always asking my parents math questions.

When I grow up I want to join the Airforce or Coast Guard and fly rescue helicopters. I also want to be a painter, an architect, and a mom. I love taking care of my younger brothers and sister, even if sometimes they do annoy me. 

Roman Boy 2021


The Scientist a.k.a. Roman Boy

I’m the stylish one. I love sports, the outdoors, and being a kid. I don’t ever want to grow up. 

I can usually be found playing with some Nerf blasters, jumping on the trampoline, or riding my bike. I practice a lot on the trampoline for my gymnastics class. I’m pretty strong and love to show people my six pack or challenge people to arm wrestling. 

I don’t really like school, but I really love science and I especially love doing science with my Grandpa. You can see us on YouTube (Professor Roman and Grandpa). I like all kinds of science – astronomy, geology, chemistry, you name it. Science is awesome! When I grow up I want to be a scientist or a fighter pilot.

Bam Bam 2021


A.K.A. Bam Bam

I’m quiet, loving, and mischievous. I absolutely LOVE spending time outdoors and could not care less about TV, movies, tablets, computers, and all that technology stuff. Give me a camp chair and a stick and I’ll sit happily for hours.

Baby Cakes 2021


The Foodie a.k.a. Baby Cakes

There’s pretty much no food I won’t try. I’m tiny and sweet and I love to eat. I’m always trying new things and I really enjoy playing outside.

I like to do gymnastics and I love to climb on things and play with dolls.

Doc 2021


The Doctor a.k.a. Doc

Can you guess which one I am? Exactly! I’m just 30 seconds older than my brother and we look exactly alike. Big Papa mixes us up a lot, but Mom seems to have no trouble telling us apart. Sometimes they call me The Doctor, but I’m actually just a kid.

I love to play outside in the sandbox with my dump trucks or sometimes just throwing a ball around. I love to discover new things and I enjoy playing with everyone.

Tornado 2021


The Comedian a.k.a. Tornado

Laughter is the best medicine and my brother is really good at laughing at my total destruction of everything in my path. My family calls me the Tornado because I leave a lot of messes behind and I tend to break things and knock things over. I’m good at throwing balls and playing.

I love playing inside and outside with any kind of toys or just making my own toys out of whatever I can find.