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Social Strategy Pricing

Social Media Marketing requires intentional planning and strategy using the most up-to-date search engine optimization methods and best practices. We offer a wide range of managed and unmanaged packages to best suit your needs to help you reach your goals. For custom packages please contact us at


1-Week Managed

Single Influencer

4 Platform cross posted reels

SEO Blog Article

30-day SEO Content Strategy Outline

Sponsored YouTube Video Intro

Video Usage Rights


1-Year Managed

Over 50 Influencers

Everything from the Monthly and Weekly Packages

Curated 52-Week Complete Content Strategy

Daily SEO Optimized and Linked Blog Articles

Weekly Full Length YouTube Video


1-Month Managed

Up to 5 Influencers

Everything from the 1-Week Package x4

2-minute YouTube Video Integration

Weekly Linked Pinterest Post on Our Page

Daily Instagram Stories


Frequently Asked

+ Do All Packages Have To Be Managed By DBLDKR?

No, we are happy to create a non-managed package that best fits your needs. Managing and paying the influencers can be handled by you directly if you would prefer.

+ Can We Request Additional Content From Influencers?

Absolutely, and we’d encourage you to do so. Many creators are able to add value to you with additional photography and video assets which they may offer to you for a separate price.

+ What If An Influencer Does Not Have All The Platforms We Want To Use?

There are 4 main social media platforms that we encourage all our influencers to use: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook. If any of our influencers does not use one of these platforms we will work with you to adjust the pricing or, as is most often the case, we will use our own channels to share that influencers content.

+ Will Influencers Invite Us As A Collaborator On The Content?

This depends on the agreed upon contract and deliverables. Not all accounts have the ability to invite collaborators or be invited as a collaborator. If an influencer does invite you as a collaborator we always suggest accepting that invitation so the content has a more broad reach and additional engagement.

+ Who Owns The Rights To the Content Created While Under Contract?

The usage rights of the content are set forth in every contract and are negotiable. We work with all of our clients and influencers to determine the best licensing and usage rights for any content published from our influencers.

+ What Additional Accommodations Should We Make For Influencers?

Every contract is different, however, with managed influencer contracts we manage and pay the influencers directly and you typically provide one-week of lodging for the influencer, one meal per person for every two days the influencer(s) is working and one activity or attraction per person for every two days the influencer(s) is working.

+ What Is The Typical Working Schedule For The Influencers?

Our influencers work on 7 day schedules, 4 days creating content and 3 days editing and traveling between destinations. Depending on the contract needs, the influencers typically deliver finished assets within 15 days of leaving your location.


Thanks to Our Clients and Influencers!

We have partnered with some of the best tourism boards and influencers in the country to bring incredible experiences to a variety of audiences and couldn’t make this possible without each of you. THANK YOU!

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