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Are Shark Vacuums Good For Commercial Use?

Are Shark Vacuums Good For Commercial Use?

Finding a vacuum for the home is one thing, but looking for a commercial vacuum means considering many other criteria. After all, you will have to think about how durable and robust the product is and how efficiently it can clean surfaces. You also want a product that can stick around for a while because you need to clean surfaces every day. So can Shark vacuums deliver?

Actually, Shark vacuums can work excellently, both within the home and for commercial projects. These vacuums work efficiently and have outstanding filtration systems that make it easy to keep them around for a long time. The Shark professional vacuum series includes various options you can consider in commercial settings. 

So how exactly do you choose the right Shark vacuum? What should you look out for, and what models are best suited to the commercial plane? Keep reading our article to learn more about Shark vacuums. 

Choosing the Right Shark Vacuum

So when you choose a Shark vacuum for your commercial space, what exactly do you look for? We’ve made the process easy by listing some of the more pressing features. These will definitely factor into your decision when you pick a Shark vacuum for commercial use. 


One of the things to consider when you are using a Shark vacuum is how easy it is to maneuver. Although there are industrial and professional vacuums out there, a lot of them are hard to handle and use. You will want to consider that the vacuum should be able to move around objects while being able to get to the crevices that are hard to reach. 


Think about the fact that the vacuum will need to be handled by someone every single day, meaning it should also be lightweight. If the vacuum is too heavy, cleaning may take too long, and you lose the efficiency you are looking for. With advances in technology, the good news is that vacuums are less bulky and use lighter materials. This enables them to be easy to manage so they can still give the best results. 

Suction Power

Now, on to the function of the vacuum. Obviously, you are looking for a vacuum that can easily clean surfaces, and for that, you need excellent suction ability. In some cases, this is measured by water lift – aka, how high a vacuum can pull water. This will give an idea of how strong the kick and pull are and if the dust is pulled all the way to the dust bag.


One of the most incredible things about Shark vacuums is that they come with extra accessories. You get a vacuum when you purchase the model in one of many possible bundles. Look into the accessories offered and think about how these accessories can help your business in the long run. For example, if you work at a cat cafe, you’ll probably be on the lookout for accessories catered toward pet hair. 

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Dust Bags

Another aspect of the vacuum you should think about is how does the dust bag work? In Shark’s case, most dust bags are actually canisters, which makes it easier to clear out trash. You also want to consider the space in the canister so you don’t have to empty it out halfway through cleaning. 

Vacuum Mistakes To Look Out For

Photo: Shark

Now you know what features to gravitate toward, it’s time to think about what things to avoid. When making a decision about a Shark vacuum, consider all of these factors. You will then have a clear idea of what you need and you can seek it out in your vacuum.

Think About Common Messes

One of the best ways to choose a vacuum that is right for you is to consider the mess you will deal with on a daily basis. You have to examine what kind of cleaning issues you will need to address in a commercial setting and how different vacuums can be fitting to address that. For example, choosing an expensive vacuum meant fr hardwood floors, and using it on tile or marble is not an efficient decision to make. 

It also matters what kind of flooring you have – are you using carpets? What kind of carpets? A really powerful vacuum can, for example, damage a light carpet if used too aggressively. At the same time, think about who creates a mess, how it is made, and what the best way to tackle it is.

Don’t Buy The Most Costly Vacuum

A common mistake that new business owners will make is to assume that the best vacuum will be the one that costs the most money. Because buying commercial items is often associated by owners with hefty prices, they may think this will buy them the best options. That is not always the case, and you have to keep in mind that costs can fluctuate based on the brand’s policies. 

As explained above, the fact of the matter is that you need a vacuum for its function, not its price. The most costly vacuum out there may not be the right kind for your business. It is well worth it to research the vacuum’s features and offerings before you decide what you will opt for in your commercial space. 

Consider Outlets And Cleaning Space

A giant mistake that some commercial owners may make when purchasing a vacuum is to not look at specifics. It matters what the size of the vacuum is and how far it can go on a cord. Consider a giant warehouse space. How will you move the vacuum all over the area if there aren’t enough power outlets? There are ways of solving this issue, but you want to be prepared before you get the vacuum. 

Another way that you may miss out on how a vacuum works is that you don’t think about the size of the head. Can it get into all of the crevices you need to clean? Therefore, you should always keep an eye out on specifics before you get yourself a Shark vacuum.


Now that we have delved into the things you need and don’t need, you are ready to buy yourself a new Shark vacuum! These powerful vacuums are great, especially within commercial spaces. Now you can incorporate efficiency into cleaning and get the best results.