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Best Gas Hot Water Heaters

Best Gas Hot Water Heaters

The best thing about gas heaters has to be their economical nature when it comes to water heating, and also their reliability. In comparison to other heaters, gas water heaters, especially the tankless ones on this list, have a longer life expectancy. That means you can expect reliable service for a long time.

This is why it makes a lot of sense to get a gas water heater for your home’s hot water needs more than any other type of heater out there.

If that’s your goal, then this guide lists the four best gas water heaters you can get for your home and everything you need to know to get the most suitable one.

Best Gas Hot Water Heaters Reviews

Rheem 2 Heating Chambers RTEX-18, 240V

Rheem 2 Heating Chambers RTEX-18, 240V


If you are looking for instant hot water when you turn on the faucet without unnecessarily waiting for the cold water bursts to clear, then the Rheem 2 Heating Chambers electric water heater is what you need.

This heater only turns on when hot water is required, which helps save a lot of energy and in return save you a lot of money in terms of heating costs. With this heater, you get an unlimited supply of hot water without worrying about your chores interruptions.

The heater features a very advanced form of self-modulation technology, which ensures the energy applied adjusts in real-time according to the amount of water flowing through the pipes. This maintains a comfortable water temperature always.

There is a digital temperature control that allows you to adjust the water temperatures accurately, down to a specific degree. The digital LED display makes this easy. The heating element of an electric water heater is the most delicate component of the heater, and this is why the Rheem heater’s two heating elements are made of copper, which is extra durable.

It’s very simple to install, so you can do the installation without having to pay a professional to do it.


  • An endless supply of hot water
  • Digital control and LED display
  • Turns on only when you turn on the hot water faucet
  • Eco-friendly


  • May not be suitable for a large family


HB HAOBANG 4.8GPM Gas Water Heater, Tankless

HB HAOBANG 4.8GPM Gas Water Heater, Tankless


Get an unlimited supply of hot water with this heater for all your home’s hot water chores. For a higher level of energy efficiency, this heater’s burner is enclosed to help prevent heat from escaping into the surroundings.

You won’t need to wait for hot water at the faucet, as this heater instantly delivers hot water the moment you turn on the faucet.

This heater has multiple protection levels, antifreeze, flame-out protection, and overheating protection. This makes this heater one of the safest gas water heaters on the market currently. If you don’t want to risk going without hot water when the water flow in your home is low, this water heater activates at very low water pressure.

It has a sleek compact design that allows you to mount it on the wall. This saves you a lot of storage space in comparison to traditional water heaters. With a water flow of 4.8 gallons per minute, you can easily have two to three access points in your home, which makes it suitable for family use.

With the energy efficiency rate of 84%, you can be sure that you will be saving a lot of energy using this water heater to heat water in your home.


  • An unlimited supply of hot water
  • Possible multiple points of access connection
  • Multiple protection mechanisms
  • Compact design that can be mounted on the wall to save up space


  • Not best for large families


Marey Power Gas Propane Gas Tankless Heater

Marey Power Gas Propane Gas Tankless Heater


This Marey tankless water heater can help ensure you never run out of hot water, or have to schedule hot water chores around hot water availability again.

The heater also produces hot water instantly, so you don’t need to wait while cold water runs for hot water to start flowing.

To save energy, the heater runs only when hot water is required, which saves a lot of energy – and as a result, water heating costs come down by almost 50% compared to traditional heaters.

When there is no electricity, the heater can operate with two D-cell batteries for ignition, but they are not included. You need to get them separately. The digital temperature display feature allows you to accurately adjust the temperatures.

With this heater’s compact design, you don’t need much space for installation, unlike tank water heaters that need a huge space in the basement.

You get a flow rate of 1 gallon per minute and a minimum activation flow rate of 20 PSI.


  • An unlimited supply of hot water
  • Only turns on when hot water is needed
  • A low minimum activation pressure when there is a low water supply
  • Digital display for accurate adjustment of water temperatures


  • A low flow rate of 1 GPM is not enough more than 1 point of access


Rinnai RUR Series Sensei SE+ Tankless Hot Water Heater

Rinnai RUR Series Sensei SE+ Tankless Hot Water Heater


Rinnai is one of the most trusted brands of water heaters in the industry. They have been supplying us with water heating units for a long time, and that’s one of the best things about their heaters. It’s one you can trust.

Get an unlimited supply of hot water with the Rinnai RUR tankless water heater. It only turns on when you need hot water, and with an energy efficiency rate of 96%, it’s honestly one of the most energy-efficient gas water heaters out there.

You get a flow rate of up to 11 gallons per minute, which is a lot of hot water that can serve several simultaneous points of access easily, making it perfect for huge families. It’s meant for indoor installation, and you don’t have to worry about getting a huge space for installation as the heater measures 22.1 x 14.8 x 33.9 inches.

While conventional tank heaters have a life expectancy of 10 years, this Rinnai heater has double that and has a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years. Also, Rinnai water heater parts are very replicable and therefore, should one part fails, you can just swap it and keep enjoying the heater.

The control-R 2.0 app allows you to remotely control the heater which makes it easy to do.


  • An unlimited supply of hot water
  • An unlimited supply of hot water
  • A mobile app for digital control
  • A very impressive warranty


  • It’s a little more expensive


Considerations for the Best Gas Hot Water Heaters

Looking for the best gas heater may be a bit challenging, especially if you don’t know what makes a great heater. To make it considerably easier, I’m going to tell you all the important considerations to keep in mind to pick the best water heater.

The Energy Efficiency Rate

A heater’s energy efficiency rate is something you should pay attention to if you are looking for a gas heater. The energy efficiency rate lets you know how much of the supplied energy is converted into heat energy.

The higher the energy efficiency, the more energy-efficient it is. In a perfect situation, this rate is supposed to be 100%, but that is not the case in most heaters, especially gas heaters. The closer you can get to 100, the better.

Flow Rate

The flow rate is an indicator of how much hot water you can get from a heater when it’s in operation. It is normally indicated in gallons per second.

This is a very important consideration when you are picking a heater. The volume of hot water you need should determine the flow rate of the heater you choose. If you need multiple points of hot water access, then you should pick a heater that has a high flow rate, enough to cater for that.

Elevation Level

Some gas heaters don’t work past a certain level. This is because oxygen levels decrease with increasing elevation levels and as a result, gas heaters efficiency reduces with increasing elevation. If you live in a high elevation level, therefore, make sure to check whether the heater works there.


Gas heaters can be expensive and when you are getting one, you want to pick one that will serve reliably for a long time without complications.

Warranty Information

A heater should have a reasonable warranty period during which if you have issues, you can easily get assistance. The longer the warranty period offered on the heater the better but also make sure you check closely to ensure there are no loopholes.


The price of the heater is also important, but be careful not to compromise on the quality in order to get something that’s less expensive. Spending more on a heater may not guarantee quality. You can buy an expensive heater that doesn’t serve you best.

Keep in mind the running cost as well. Some heaters are cheaper upfront, but will cost you more in terms of running costs. It makes more sense to get an expensive heater with a low running cost.


The amount of storage space you have should guide you on the kind of heater to get. Although tankless heaters are mostly small, you still need to check the dimensions to make sure it can fit in the space you plan to install it.

Digital Control and Display

A heater with a digital control system makes it easy for you to control it. A digital display helps monitor the temperature better.

Replaceable Parts

Sometimes a part of the heater fails, and if you can’t get a replacement, you are forced to replace the whole system, which can be very expensive. For this reason, heaters with readily available parts are a better option to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best gas water heater?

The best heater differs from one person to another. This is because there is a lot you must consider before getting a heater. You have to weigh a lot of things against one another and then decide which one best meets your needs.

Does spending more on a heater mean quality?

Spending more money on a heater doesn’t guarantee quality. You have to consider other factors as well. You could buy a cheap heart with all the qualities you need in a heater, you just have to pay attention to.

Are natural gas water heaters efficient?

Gas water heaters are not only economical to run but also very energy efficient. This is so, especially for tankless gas water heaters. Because they only switch on only when you need hot water, you get to save a lot of energy.


Gas water heaters are very economical, especially if you are looking for a family water heating unit you can rely on. When you don’t understand what to look for, the search can get a little challenging – this is why I have put together this list and the guiding factors for getting a great heater for your home’s needs. I hope this article was helpful!

The heaters in this list are great choices, but if you are looking for a heater that can serve large family’s hot water needs sufficiently, you should go check out the Rinnai RUR Series Sensei SE+ water heater. With up to 11 gallons per minute of water flow and an energy efficiency rate of 96%, this heater is one of the best you can get in the market at that level of water capacity. I also like that it comes with a mobile app for digital control and a digital temperature display.

All the best in getting your home the next great water heating unit!