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Best Mouse for Big Hands (Our Top 7 Picks)

Best Mouse for Big Hands (Our Top 7 Picks)

No matter how hard you try, there are just some aspects of computing that require a mouse. If you have big hands, it can often be difficult to find one that fits your palm just right. Since you spend so much time on the computer gaming and doing other things, it is important to find the mouse that is the perfect fit for your big hands. 

With so many options on the market today, we have gone through and found the seven best products for you. Each mouse on this list is going to provide your big hands with exceptional grip and feel. Read through the description of each one and decide which one you feel would be best for your situation. You will be thankful that you bought the perfect mouse for your hands. 

7 Best Computer Mice for Big Hands

Use the following list as your guide as you start looking for a computer mouse to suit your big hands. We have found seven of the best devices on the market that should serve your purposes well. Each of them has specific design features that you might find more useful than others, so read through the descriptions and decide for yourself which one is best. 

SteelSeries Rival 310

At roughly five inches in length, the SteelSeries Rival 310 is long enough for the biggest of hands. It is also the first-ever mouse in the world that has a pure one-to-one sensor. This allows for pinpoint accuracy that makes the life of a gamer so much more successful. An arch in the center of this mouse makes it suitable for both right and left-handed individuals. 

Logitech G502

The Logitech G502 is one of the most feature-rich mice available on the market today. This one is wireless, but it is incredibly fast and provides gamers with the most accuracy. In fact, it makes use of the HERO 25K, which is believed to be the most accurate gaming sensor in the world today. There is also a quick-release button feature that makes it easy to scroll down a webpage. 

Corsair M65 RGB Elite

This mouse is designed with elite gamers in mind. It has a cool design that accommodates the biggest of hands. The Corsair M65 RGB Elite mouse has an impressive array of eight buttons, each of which of programmable. You can make this mouse to pretty much anything that you want it to. It is incredibly sensitive and extremely accurate, which are the two ingredients that you need the most. 

Razer Basilisk V2

If you are right-handed and have big hands, the Razer Basilisk V2 is a computer mouse that you will be happy with. It has 11 programmable buttons built into its design. There is also a hyper shift button that allows you to switch over to a new profile that you have created, essentially creating a total of 20 buttons that can be programmed. 

Zowie EC1

Many people with bigger hands prefer an ergonomic mouse design, making the Zowie EC1 a great choice. Many users report that this mouse provides them with such a comfortable and easy grip that it makes getting to the buttons that much simpler. The palm can rest comfortably and the Huang switches are nice additions. 

Glorious Model O

Not only does the Glorious Model O have a cool design, but it is also extremely comfortable for users with large hands. It will feel like a puzzle in the palm of your hand, complete with the many honeycomb grooves that are built into its design. It has a lighting strip that runs down the left and right sides of the mouse, adding a bit of style not evident with many other mice today. 

Corsair Ironclaw RGB

Here is a wireless mouse made for users with big hands that also comes with exceptional battery life when compared to others on our list. The Corsair Ironclaw RGB mouse has a tall feel to it that allows your fingers to easily reach all of the buttons without dropping over to the side. This is ideal for users with large hands that need to perform a lot of repetitive actions. 


Now that you know the seven best computer mice for big hands, it is time to get yourself one of them. This will make your computing life so much more comfortable, and your hands are almost certain to thank you as a result. You will find that each of these provides a different approach, so consider your own hands and make your decision accordingly.