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Best Place To See Lake Superior In Duluth

Best Place To See Lake Superior In Duluth

Lake Superior is one of the most beautiful sites in Duluth, and traveling to it may seem like a no-brainer. However, what you may not know is that there are several areas around the lake where you can stop for a beautiful view from above. So are you wondering what the very best of the best spots are? Let’s take a look.

If you want to get the best views of Lake Superior, the best spots to visit are the Spirit Mountain Recreation Center, the Duluth Skyline Parkway, and the Enger Park gazebo. At all three of these points, you will be able to see Lake Superior from up above, and there are many different activities you can engage in while you’re there!

If you really want to see Lake Superior in all of its glory, then make sure to visit the recommendations in this article! We will explain all of the best spots that will help you get a view of this lake and what you can do while you are there!

Best Areas Overlooking The Lake Superior In Duluth

In this list, you will be able to see some of the very best spots from where you can catch the beautiful scenery of Lake Superior, and they are truly an experience of a lifetime! There may be some walking involved, but don’t worry – the result at the end will be well worth it! Let’s start out with the spots that are located within Duluth.

Spirit Mountain Recreation Center

One of the best views you can get of Lake Superior in Duluth comes from the Spirit Mountain Recreation Center. The high elevation allows you to see Lake Superior from a panoramic route if you are skiing at the Recreation Center! 

It definitely makes for a wonderful slide down the snow-covered mountains. At the same time, you can also catch views from the chalet, where you can stay back for dinner too! There are plenty of activities you can take part in at the mountain!

For example, there is skiing, as mentioned above, as well as skiing classes for both individuals and groups. Snow tubing is often a great activity for younger children and is also available for you to enjoy! The area even has a dedicated event space where you can hold major events like weddings! So make sure to check it out if you want a fun, activity-filled day where you can still catch sight of the gorgeous Lake Superior. 

Duluth Skyline Parkway

If you love a good walk along a scenic route, you will really enjoy walking by the Duluth Skyline Parkway. This parkway was created with the wellbeing of the community in mind and connects all of the amazing sights in Duluth through one single walkway. Simultaneously, the parkway was envisioned as a way to protect and preserve the natural landscape in Duluth. 

While walking down this path, you will be able to see Lake Superior, along with a number of amazing sights. You may recognize Spirit Mountain, which was discussed in this article’s first part. Aside from the mountain, you can also find other points of note, which include Bardon’s Peak, Stewart Creek Bridge, Hawk Ridge Nature Reserve, and Brighton Beach.

Keep in mind, because this is a park under the Parks and Recreation Department, you will have to get permits for certain things before you enter. Make sure to check out their permit information before you visit to avoid any issues later down the road. As far as activities go, there are ski and biking trails across the parkway, and various events take place at the parks connected to the Duluth Skyline Parkway.

Enger Park Pavillion

Enger Park is a beautiful park that you can incidentally access through the Parkway mentioned above. As you walk in the park, you will come across a beautiful pavilion. This is the site to be in to catch views of Lake Superior, along with the downtown area and even the harbor nearby! The park was built on top of a hill known as the Grand Mountain.

Enger Park is well-known as a spot where a lot of summertime weddings take place because of its scenic views and beauty. So, if you want to visit in that time frame, make sure that you are aware of whether or not the area is available. This park was developed in 1921, and the money was donated by Bert Enger – who the park is named after. 

The park has a number of amazing amenities that make it stand out and makes it great for a short family trip. There is a parking lot available for you to easily park your cars. A picnic space with picnic tables is also available for you to enjoy some food in. As well as that, you can also rent out the park for weddings, as mentioned above. For those who love adventure, there are hiking trails in the park, along with rock-climbing and bouldering opportunities. 

If you would rather have a quieter evening and love to study birds, there are some amazing opportunities for you to see some local birds at the park as well. In fact, there are several enthusiasts who visit the park for this very reason!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to catch glimpses of Lake Superior when you are in Duluth. Hopefully, with the information presented in this article, you have all that you need to get started on planning your next trip! So what are you waiting for – start planning today!