I’ve been reading up on simple hacks to make life easier. Here’s a few of my favorite. Comment below with your favorite.
1 – Put a marshmallow in the bottom of ice cream cones before filling them. The marshmallow stops ice cream from dripping out the bottom of the cone.
2 – Use newspaper instead of paper towels to wipe windows, mirrors etc. Newspaper doesn’t leave lint on the glass and results in less streaks. Give it a try.
3 – When microwaving pizza, put a small glass of water in the microwave to keep the crust from getting chewy.
4 – Use a paper clip to help put on a bracelet when you don’t have anyone to help you!
5 – When cooking with honey, coat measuring cups and spoons with a few drops oil to help the honey slide out more easily.
6 – Use a paper clip to mark the end of a roll of tape. You’ll be so glad you did the time you go to use the tape!
7 – Clean out an old lotion bottle to keep your keys, phone and cash in safekeeping at the beach.
8 – To remove the stem from strawberries, use a straw.
9 – Put a wooden spoon across a boiling pot to keep it from boiling over.
10 – Put a stocking over the end of a vaccuum to find earrings.
11 – If you’re at a hotel and run out of plugs, the TV has a USB connection.

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