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Family-Friendly Things to Do In Minneapolis

Family-Friendly Things to Do In Minneapolis

This little city, also known as the “Mini Apple,” should unquestionably be the target of your next trip. Minneapolis is a great place to go on trips that are good for the whole family and give you lots of good memories and experiences.

Visit the best water parks, see the fascinating and colorful historical sites, or discover mind-boggling puzzles and attractions in escape rooms for the ideal fun-filled educational experience.

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Fun Activities for Families in Minneapolis

The following are some entertaining things to do in Minneapolis:

1. The Mall of America’s The Escape Game

You may start your voyage with a different twist by taking a challenging walk to the escape game. Chain locks, ticking clocks, and perhaps hidden passages? To guide the entire family to safety, investigate the riddles underlying the escape room’s theme and narrative.

You’ll all be trapped in a room with the goal of locating every piece of evidence placed inside and escaping in 60 minutes to beat the clock. This fun little pastime is one of Minneapolis’s top things to do with kids.

For more information about the escape room at MOA, watch this video below:

The Escape Game at MOA

2. North Loop Hitching Company

Allow the hitching company to accompany you on a tour of all the breathtaking attractions Minneapolis offers while pulling a horse-drawn carriage. The best way to travel around Minneapolis with children is to move at a leisurely pace, pay attention to the sounds of the horses’ hooves, and feel at ease with an expert local guide.

Whether you prefer a leisurely ride, a thorough historical tour with discourse, or just the chance to get close to and engage with a horse, this is the perfect outing for you.

Traveling with a small child and worried you’ll miss something? This is the ideal chance to spend quality time with your entire family while still enjoying the city without sacrificing convenience.

3. East Bloomington’s Great Wolf Lodge Water Park

One of the top family-friendly destinations in Minneapolis for families wishing to have an amazing weekend trip is the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park. With the entire clan, take advantage of the many waterways, swimming pools, and play areas this water park offers.

This water park has a lot to offer and will guarantee you a wonderful holiday, from a variety of exhilarating rides and attractions like the heart-pounding slide named The Plunge.

The attractions and slides at the Great Wolf Lodge Water Park have varying levels of intensity, making it enjoyable for both kids and teenagers.

4. Paradise Charter Cruises — Lake Minnetonka

Tours on the beautiful waters of Lake Minnetonka are offered by Paradise Charter Cruises and Minneapolis Queen. Since 1985, Paradise Charter Cruises has given a wide range of individuals a fascinating tour and front-row view of activities on Lake Minnetonka, highlighting the pure beauty and tranquility the waters have to offer.

Allow the water to be your captain as you embark on a leisurely and tranquil voyage across the water, enjoying wonderful cuisine, entertainment, and music that will serenade you the entire way. Smooth sailing with the entire family seems like the ideal retreat if you’re searching for unique family activities in Minneapolis.

5. Nickelodeon Universe — Mall of America

Surely among the most well-known and entertaining family activities in Minneapolis for young children is the Nickelodeon Universe. Bring the kids on a memorable journey by introducing them to rides themed after their favorite cartoon characters, with a variety of alternatives to pick from. 

Give the kids an opportunity to interact with their favorite TV characters up close and personal inside the Nickelodeon Universe with its 27 rides and attractions.

5. Linden Hills Lake Harriet Bandshell Park

Lake Harriet Bandshell Park is a fantastic option for outdoor family picnics in Minneapolis. This park, which is close to the lake, has a beachfront that’s great for families looking for a short swim or for individuals looking for a chance to go boating and fishing.

To really enjoy Lake Harriet Bandshell Park, take a stroll throughout the entire place. The park has gorgeous buildings that hold concerts, performances, and other exciting activities for tourists and residents.

7. South St. Paul’s Minnesota Zoo

Want to see stunning and unusual creatures up close? The top attraction in town is the Minnesota Zoo. This zoo, which boasts and houses more than 400 species of animals, has a wide range of interactive exhibitions for a truly untamed experience.

The most knowledgeable guides will also be at your service, providing you with fascinating insights and interesting tidbits about the various unique attractions inside the zoo. You will get all the knowledge you need about wildlife conservation and the value of biodiversity while exploring the zoo’s grounds.

8. Downtown St. Paul’s Minnesota Children’s Museum

A paradise for young children’s adventures, inventiveness, and amusement is the Minnesota Children’s Museum. Kids may discover and enjoy three complete floors of fascinating, inventive, and thought-provoking displays!

Take an excellent journey to this museum for hours of fun and exploration as you encourage your kids’ creativity via the many kid-friendly attractions and events for a uniquely immersive experience. Visiting this museum is one of the ideal family activities in Minneapolis for interacting with young minds and getting the kids out and about.

9. Mall of America’s Amazing Mirror Maze

See if you can go through the mind-bending, captivating, and baffling mazes in the Amazing Mirror Maze at the Mall of America. This mystical and surreal maze is a must-try for people wanting a singular experience in the city with enormous potential for family fun.

You are sure to find numerous reflections in every direction you look! Run into dead ends, twists around every corner, and possibly endless loops. Try navigating the maze to see if you can become the master.


There are many fun things you can do in Minneapolis. Most of them are good to do with your children and family. Go through our recommendations and determine which ones you’d like to try first.