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How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Chimney Rock?

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Chimney Rock?

Chimney Rock State Park is a popular destination in western North Carolina, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the iconic Chimney Rock formation. As with many popular tourist destinations, visitors often want to know the cost of admission to the park.

A single-day ticket is $17 for adults and $8 for children ages five to fifteen. Kids under five are not charged. But think about getting an annual pass instead, which allows you into the park for a full year for a one-time $32 fee and offers discounts at other nearby sites for less than two days’ entrance.

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Youth 1-Day Admission

Chimney Rock State Park, located in North America, boasts an array of activities suitable for children ages five to fifteen for $8. Visitors to the park can expect to embark on an unforgettable experience beyond just a simple hike and breathtaking view.

The Great Woodland Adventure, featuring an assortment of remarkable and interactive outdoor sculptures, and the Animal Discovery Den, where youngsters can observe snakes and other creatures, are just a few of the offerings available to children with a one-day youth ticket. 

The place provides an exceptional experience for the children.

Adult 1-Day Admission

With a one-day adult ticket for $17, visitors can expect to embark on an exceptional journey. Whether climbing the rock or exploring the park’s various scenic trails, visitors will surely be enthralled by its natural beauty.

Additionally, Chimney Rock State Park offers many educational opportunities and engaging exhibits, including interactive displays and guided tours, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the park’s history, geology, and ecology.

Watch this comprehensive video about Chimney Rock to learn about its history:

Chimney Rock – Ancestral Temple of the Sky

Youth Rockin’ Discovery Pass

Visitors can purchase a Youth Rockin’ Discovery Pass for just $14. The pass grants them unlimited access to Chimney Rock Park for 12 months. Additionally, the pass offers considerable discounts on various programs, workshops, and hikes, making it an excellent option for frequent visitors.

Pass holders can also avail of discounted admission for accompanying friends and a 15% discount on all food, beverages, and retail purchases at all Park outlets. 

Furthermore, the pass offers discounts at several popular local attractions and shops, including Biltmore, Lake Lure Tours, Mast General Store, and more.

Adult Annual Pass

By purchasing an adult annual pass for only $32, visitors can enjoy unlimited access to the park for 12 months. This pass costs less than the cost of two individual visits and is beneficial for people who tend to visit the place several times during a year.

Additionally, the pass offers significant discounts on a wide range of programs, workshops, and guided hikes, making it an excellent value for nature enthusiasts. Pass holders can also avail of discounted admission for accompanying friends and a 15% discount on food, beverages, and retail purchases at all park outlets.

Furthermore, the pass offers additional discounts at various local attractions and shops, including Biltmore, lake lure tours, general mast store, and other popular destinations. 

For more information regarding the full list of Benefits, please refer to the details below.

What Are The Benefits Of The Annual Pass?

The annual pass can offer you quite a few benefits. We’ve listed them all below! 

In-Park Perks Of Annual Passes

In addition to unlimited visits to the park for 12 months from the month of purchase, the annual passes offer numerous benefits. Pass holders can enjoy discounted admission tickets for accompanying adult and youth visitors on each ticket purchase, saving $2 and $1, respectively.

Moreover, pass holders can also avail of a 15% discount on food and gifts at the Sky Lounge Gift Shop & Deli, Cliff Dwellers Gifts, and the Old Rock Café. Additionally, the pass provides discounts on various educational workshops, guided hikes, and special events held at Chimney Rock Park, enabling visitors to fully immerse themselves in the area’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. 

With these enticing perks, the annual pass is a valuable investment for those who wish to make the most of their visit to Chimney Rock Park.

Additional Benefits For Adult Annual Pass Holders

The Adult Annual Pass offers much more than just a free entry annually. It provides perks to the users at several area attractions at Chimney Rock park. For instance, the Asheville Museum of Science offers a discount of $2 on admission for any ticket type exclusively for Chimney Rock Annual Pass holders. 

This discount applies only to the pass holder and cannot be availed for the entire party or group purchase.

Moreover, Biltmore offers a discount of $10 on regular gate prices for up to 4 adult daytime tickets at Biltmore’s Reception and Ticketing Sales Center. Youth aged 10-16 are eligible for half the adult price, while children aged nine and below can enter for free with a paying adult.

At Bubba O’Leary’s General Store & Outfitters, Chimney Rock State Park Annual Passholders can enjoy a discount of 15% on any single regularly-priced item. However, the offer cannot be availed for sale items, gift card purchases, or in conjunction with any other promotion. This discount is applicable only for in-stock items.

Please, visit the website to get an in-depth insight into the benefits.

Additional Benefits For Youth Rockin’ Discovery Pass

In addition to a full year of access to Chimney Rock park, youngsters can meet the live Animal Ambassadors at the Animal Discovery Den and receive a Rockin’ Discovery Pass button and membership card.

Other perks include discounted admission for friends, special deals on birthday parties and kids’ programs. This pass also offers discounts at local attractions such as the ECCO Ocean Center & Aquarium and Fox Mountain Guides.

Children can also enjoy free admission to KidSenses Children’s Interactive Museum in Hendersonville and a free topping at Scoop Lake Lure. Finally, the pass discounts purchases at Chimney Rock Gemstone Mine and Dancing Bear Toys in Hendersonville.


Understanding the costs associated with the different aspects of your trip can help you plan and budget accordingly. This article aims to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the expenses involved in visiting Chimney Rock. With this information, you can ensure a stress-free and enjoyable visit to Chimney Rock State Park.