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How Much Electricity Does an Instant Pot Use?

How Much Electricity Does an Instant Pot Use?

The Instant Pot seems too good to be true. In a matter of minutes, you can have a delicious meal in a “set it and forget” style. You can go to work, hang out with friends, and work out––all while your Instant Pot does the heavy lifting. But, if you’re trying to reduce your next light bill, you may be wondering how much electricity your Instant Pot uses and whether it’s best to leave it on while you’re not around.  

An Instant Pot uses anywhere from 700 to 1,200 watts of electricity—the equivalent of powering up to 16 incandescent light bulbs at once. In comparison, it takes, on average, 1,000-2,000+ watts to power your microwave oven, iron, or electric stovetop.

But is 1,200 watts really a lot? Continue reading to learn more about the Instant Pot’s electrical requirements and usage and whether it has a significant impact on your monthly electric bill.

How Much Electricity Does an Instant Pot Use?

An Instant Pot could use up to 1,200 watts of electricity; however, this is not standard. Certain functions will require different amounts of energy. For instance, if you’re just trying to boil a pot of water, you will use less energy than pressure cooking chili for six hours.

Additionally, Instant Pots come in different sizes, ranging from three quarts to eight quarts of volume. Here are the electricity requirements for small, medium, and large Instant Pots:

Instant Pot SizeWattage
8 quarts1,200 watts
6 quarts1,000 watts
3 quarts700 watts

Do You Need Electricity to Power Your Instant Pot?

Your Instant Pot is not battery-operated. You will need a power source to get it up and running. However, this does not necessarily have to be a wall outlet. You could use the following to power your Instant Pot, no matter where you are:

  • The Jackery Solar Generator 1000: Want to take your Instant Pot camping with you? No problem. This device delivers up 1,000 watts of energy. It can power your kitchen’s blender for 13 hours straight or a coffee maker for 88 minutes. The types of recipes and functions you use could play into how long you can use your generator.
  • The Energizer 1500 Watts Convertor: This storage bank offers up to 4,000 watts of energy. Simply connect it to a 12-volt battery, and you’re on your way.

Without an energy bank that supplies 700 to 1,200 watts of power, you will need to plug your appliance into the wall. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.

Are Instant Pots Energy-Efficient?

The short answer is yes. Instant Pots, along with other similar appliances, are considered to be much more energy-efficient than using your stove. For instance, suppose that you want to make a pot roast. Overall, making this recipe in your Instant Pot would use more energy than using your oven because of these factors:  

Instant Pots Cook Food Faster

Cooking a pot roast in your oven would take longer than cooking it in an Instant Pot. This is because of the Instant Pot’s pressure cooking function. Basically, by trapping heat, the Instant Pot can cook food using atmospheric pressure, accelerating the time it takes to make a meal.

On average, it would take about four hours to make a pot roast in the oven. Making it in your Instant Pot, however, could take less than an hour. This could ultimately save money on electricity.

Instant Pots Require Less Wattage

This reason speaks for itself; your Instant Pot simply uses less energy than your standard household appliance. Even if it’s on for several hours straight, it still would not require as much energy as your electric oven or stovetop.

Additionally, your Instant Pot does not use heat about 40 percent of the time, making it so that it draws less energy.

Instant Pots Save Water and Energy

According to Instant Pot, not only do their devices shorten cooking times by 70 percent, but they also use less water. This is due to the device’s airtight seal, where steam can’t escape. You won’t have to keep opening the lid and adding water to ensure a tasty dinner.

Additionally, all Instant Pots are insulated, so you don’t have to worry about energy loss when cooking or heating up food.

In Summary

Ultimately, how much electricity your Instant Pot uses depends on what type of model you purchased. It could use anywhere from 700 to 1,200 watts, depending on its size.