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How to Keep Shapewear from Rolling Down

How to Keep Shapewear from Rolling Down

It’s annoying to continuously be adjusting and readjusting your clothes throughout the day. When you put them on, you want them to look good and stay in place. Products like shapewear can be a blessing and a curse in this manner. They fit tight and snug and smooth out all your curves, but you may constantly be pulling at them.

We buy shapewear to fix clothing issues, not add to them. You don’t have to continue with the pattern of adjustment. With a few simple suggestions, we’re going to walk you through ways you can avoid the tugging and pulling of runaway shapewear.

Choose the Right Shapewear

Shop for shapewear with a waistband that is made out of silicone. This will naturally stick to your body. Avoid going cheap. Also, be sure you’re buying the right size. If your bottom doesn’t sit low enough in the shapewear, it will be drooping all day, no matter what you try to do. If you buy a smaller size, it’s not only going to roll down, but it will be uncomfortable. Buying a smaller size won’t ensure a tighter fit, only a more awkward one.

Check the Size Chart

Different brands size their products differently. Know your measurements and compare them with the size chart offered by the shapewear you’re looking at. Rib cages, hip bones, and thighs come in all sorts of varieties. You may have a larger rib cage and a low, narrow waist, or you may have a smaller rib cage and a long waist. Buy the shapewear that is closest to your current measurements.

Buy Shapewear Hold-Me-Ups

Hold-me-ups are little straps that attach with clips to shapewear and other clothing items, like a bra, that are fixed in place. Hold-me-ups work like suspenders for pants, but they are a lot less conspicuous. The only downside to this tip is that the clips can come undone if stretched or pulled too forcefully. But overall, it is quite reliable.

Use Adhesive or a Spray

Using a double-sided dressing or fashion tape, you can stick the shapewear to your skin. This will prevent it from sliding down. Some have also used hairspray. Spray it on your skin where the shapewear will sit, and it will help to avoid roll downs. The problem encountered here is if you’re going to be sweating a lot; sweat and humid environments can sometimes release the adhesive’s stickiness. But nonetheless, this is a good solution.

Take Your Time

If you put on your shapewear while your body is still damp from the shower, it will begin to roll down as it dries throughout the day. Take care when putting on the shapewear. Make sure it’s positioned correctly and sits on your body where it is supposed to. Give yourself plenty of time to get ready. Move your arms and legs around to let the fabric settle in the right place.

Buy Shapewear Made with Straps

Some shapewear products come with straps, sort of like a bra or a tank top. This will guarantee everything will stay put all night. Straps are usually adjustable, and there is still room for a bra underneath. However, if this is the case, you will need to be sure you are not wearing something that exposes your shoulders, so no halter tops or strapless dresses with these products.

Use Your Underwear

Your bra can act as an anchor to hold high-waisted shapewear in place. Tuck the shapewear under the bra. This strategy also helps to make bra lines virtually invisible. Additionally, you could wear a layer of high-waisted boy shorts under a pair of control-top panties to double up on the compression and keep it tight to your body. Though this isn’t foolproof, it will help keep things in place.

Get Creative

When you start to feel that roll forming and starting to pick up speed, dismiss yourself to the restroom. For those quick fixes in the moment, you could carry a few safety pins in your purse or bag to whip out and secure your shapewear. Or, depending on how your clothes fit over the shapewear, you could just fold the shapewear down. The waistband will be tighter and lower then, so just be sure your clothes will allow for the adjustment.


Shapewear is designed to fit your body like a glove. Buy the right size and shape for your needs, and don’t skimp on quality. Take care when dressing, and let the shapewear begin to feel like a second skin. We all know mistakes and slips can happen and cannot be avoided 100% of the time, but follow these tips, and you will find success in your shapewear purchases. We all want to be comfortable and feel confident!