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How to Wash a North Face Puffer Jacket

How to Wash a North Face Puffer Jacket

We all hate to wash those higher-maintenance items that require special treatment. But it is still important to keep those clothing items clean that we tend to wash less frequently. This helps them last longer, stay presentable, and smell fresher. The same applies to North Face puffer jackets.

North Face puffer jackets are usually made from goose-down feathers. Geese are meant to be in the water because their feathers will dry quickly. So, don’t be afraid to wash your jacket when it needs to be washed. Just follow the few guidelines below, and you’ll be set.

Typically, a North Face puffer jacket will need cleaning when used regularly. Steps to cleaning properly are:

  1. Put your North Face puffer jacket in a FRONT LOAD washing machine using a low spin and double rinse cycle. Be sure the pockets are zipped and straps are fastened.
  2. Use liquid detergent so the material is not damaged. Do not use powder detergents, fabric softener, or bleach.
  3. Dry using a tumble dryer set on low.

Prepare Your Puffer Jacket for Washing

Before popping your puffer jacket in that front-load washing machine, check all the pockets for any items. Some lotions or chapstick will ruin the down’s fluffiness if washed together.

Then, open all the zippers, but connect the Velcro to itself. This protects the longevity of the Velcro. Additionally, wash and dry puffer jackets by themselves. Other clothing materials can cause damage if washed or dried together.

Wash Your North Face Puffer Jacket

It is recommended to use a front load washing machine because there is no center agitator, which can damage the jacket’s structure. Wash the jacket in warm water using the gentle cycle. It is also important that you also use a gentle powder detergent instead of liquid. You can even find a special down detergent that will protect the jacket’s oils and not leave any detergent residue.

Dry Your North Face Puffer Jacket

To dry your puffer jacket, use a tumble dryer on the gentle cycle, and keep it at low heat. You will want to throw in a few dryer balls or tennis balls. This will ensure the jacket is being thoroughly and evenly dried and does not clump. You can also choose to hang the jacket to dry overnight. Just be sure to scoop it from the bottom when taking it out of the washer instead of pulling at it. This can cause the down to needlessly stretch and clump.

Why Do I Need to Wash My North Face Puffer Jacket?

There are a few reasons to keep your jacket clean and washed regularly. The reason down keeps you so warm is because of the loft, the fluffiness, to it. The feathers trap in heat. Keeping them clean maintains the loft’s fullness, keeping you warmer.

How Often Do I Need to Wash My North Face Puffer Jacket?

When using the jacket regularly, like during colder seasons, it is recommended that you wash it once a month. However, if you are doing activities that are getting it muddy or exposing it to chemicals, like salt, it would be best to wash it immediately afterward, regardless of when you last washed it. Leaving those things sitting on the jacket to seep in can damage the down.

What Is DWR?

“DWR” stands for” durable water repellent.” You might see this phrase thrown around regarding down feather items. This is a layer of treatment that lines the jacket to keep moisture out of the internal feathers. When DWR gets dirty, the functions that allow it to repel water stop working.  

However, there are ways to restore the DWR in your items using a spray or washing product. And you can do this as often as needed over the years that you have the jacket.

Final Tips for Washing North Face Puffer Jackets

Below are a couple of final tips to keep in mind as you start to wash your puffer jacket:

  • Do Not Handwash or Dry Clean – Handwashing your jacket in the tub or sink can be problematic because it is hard to completely wash out the detergent after cleaning. Leftover soap residue can damage the down’s insulating properties. Also, overly wet or soaked down can ruin the jacket’s stitching, ultimately ruining the jacket’s integrity. Dry cleaning is not recommended for this very same reason.
  • Add an Extra Rinse Cycle – As mentioned earlier, leaving detergent and soap residue on the jacket can damage the protective and insulating properties. Therefore, many people suggest running the jacket through the rinse and spin cycle an extra time. And the extra spin cycle will ensure as much water has been removed as possible.


North Face puffer jackets are great tools to have during cold weather activities. Many use these jackets for hiking and skiing because of their light weight. With these activities, you’re sure to get your jacket dirty.

Keeping your jacket regularly washed will help it stay warm and long-lasting. Just be sure to wash it separately on a front-load washer’s gentle cycle with warm water and tumble dry on low heat. Throw in some dryer balls to keep it fluffed up, and occasionally consider restoring the jacket’s DWR with a special washing product.