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Is Super Mario Odyssey Multiplayer? (Yes, Here’s How To Start a Multiplayer Game)

Is Super Mario Odyssey Multiplayer? (Yes, Here’s How To Start a Multiplayer Game)

Super Mario Odyssey is an exciting addition to the Mario family, brought to life in 2017. Many players since then have enjoyed the expansive single-player story world the game provides. However, many are not aware of the multiplayer function Super Mario Odyssey is capable of for users. How do you get started with a multiplayer game?

Having fun with a friend on Super Mario Odyssey is easier than you might think. Read on to learn how you can set up a multiplayer game so you can get started having fun with your closest pals in the exciting Odyssey universe.

Start the Game

First, you’ll need to start the game just as you would if you were playing in single-player mode. This method is the simplest way to dive into a multiplayer game.

If you’re unfamiliar with these functions, to start the game, you will need to do the following:

  1. Select the game off the menu of your device, ensuring it’s inserted and downloaded.
  2. Choose “New Game” or “Resume.”
  3. Jump into the game.

Once you’re here, you will be inside a world of your creation.

If you want, you can take on a single-player story and go about your game like normal in this setting. If you want to start a multiplayer game, you’ll need to get yourself to a peaceful point in the game and get ready for the next step.

Pause the Game

Once you’re in a peaceful spot in the game, you’ll need to pause it. This action requires you to hit the tiny plus sign in the top corner of the device. Once you complete this, a smaller menu on the side should pop up.

There are many options to select from on this list. There is one button you should choose if you want to bring a friend into your game.

Select Two Players

Locate the “Two Players” button and select it on this tiny menu. Then, choose “Two-Player Mode.” These two simple steps will bring you to a screen where you can decide on controllers and parts.

Unfortunately, Mario Odyssey can only bring on one extra player as of 2021. If you want to play with more, you may need to take turns or get multiple games on multiple devices going at once. There are many ways to enjoy Mario Odyssey with the people you love.

Decide Characters

Next, you’ll need to decide which character each person will play in the game. If you’ve played Mario Odyssey, you know that there are two options you can choose from for the world. Each has a distinct set of advantages.

Each of you can choose between the following two characters:

  • Mario: Mario is the central character. He operates like a traditional humanoid character in the Mario world, running and jumping as usual.
  • Cappy: Cappy is Mario’s hat. Rather than running, you will be flying and taking control of various items and people.

Once you’ve decided, you’ll need to become accustomed to each character’s unique movements within the game.

Now that you’ve chosen your characters, you can set up the controllers that go along with them. These will allow you to play together.

Set the Controllers

The last thing you’ll need to do before starting is to set up the controllers you’ll be using. With the Switch, you have three options – single Joy-Con, double Joy-Con, and Pro Controller. Each offers a unique way to take on the action of Mario Odyssey.

For each controller, there is a different process to connect it to the device:

  • Single Joy-Con: You need to shift the controller horizontally and hold down the SL and SR buttons.
  • Double Joy-Con: Press the L and R buttons on top, keeping both vertical.
  • Pro Controller: Press the L and R shoulder buttons.

Each controller should link up once you’ve done these actions.

Once your controllers are connected, you can click through the menu and dive back into the game. The next step is the easiest of all for players to accomplish.

Play the Game

Once your controllers work and your player positions have been decided, you can dive back into the game! One of you will operate Cappy, and the other will take on Mario. Together, it will be easy to race through the Super Mario Odyssey world and conquer the bad guys you face together.


It’s easy to start playing Super Mario Odyssey co-op with a friend, but unfortunately, it only has a two-player function as of this moment. If you have more than one friend you want to play with, you may need to play the game at the same time or take on another title, such as Super Mario Bros. Whatever you choose, you’re sure to have fun as a team.