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The 4 Best Quiet Keyboards

The 4 Best Quiet Keyboards

When it comes to finding a keyboard that matches your gaming, work, or lifestyle needs, you may feel overwhelmed by options. There are light-up keyboards, keyboards that clack, and keyboards that make no sound at all. If you’re looking for the perfect quiet keyboard, there are plenty available on the market. 

So, read on to learn more about the five best quiet keyboards for any desk set-up. We have options for gamers of any type. 

Best Overall: Flodio Rainbow Gaming Keyboard

Color: Black

Backlighting: Rainbow

Compatibility: PC and laptop

Special Features: Lighting

Brand: Flodio 

This beautiful keyboard by Flodio is our first pick. The keys have a smooth and flat design that makes them almost a whisper as you type away. It’s excellent for gaming, as the keys quickly bounce back and allow you to change hand positions throughout your game quickly. 

The keyboard has the ability to be propped up if using it for a desktop, or you can use it flat for a laptop or longer-distance setup. The keys are thin, making them easy to clean and use. Since they are close to the panel, there is hardly any sound when pressed. 

This keyboard is perfect for those who love a brightly lit setup for their gaming experience. 

Best for Variability: Wireless Quiet Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Color: White with mint keys

Backlighting: None

Compatibility: PC, laptop, Chromebook, Smart TV

Special Features: Complimentary wireless mouse
Brand: SOOOO

If you’re looking for a more modern take on the gaming experience, this wireless keyboard might be the one for you. It has a slim and chic design that makes it easy to type on the keys without making a sound. 

The keyboard is wireless, so you can connect it to a Smart TV for console gaming or connect it to any device with Bluetooth capability. Since it comes with a mouse, it’s an excellent value. 

This keyboard is best for casual gamers or those who aren’t looking for a high-tech setup. The mouse might not be what you’re looking for if you’re a professional gamer looking for something a bit more intense with extra buttons.   

Alternatively, you can use this keyboard for a remote job or your regular desktop at home. If you’re looking for backlights and a unique design, this keyboard might not be the best choice. For those who love lighter colors, this is undoubtedly an outstanding option.  

Best for Pro Gamers: HyperX Light Up Silent Keyboard

Color: Black

Backlighting: Rainbow

Compatibility: Gaming Console, PC 

Special Features: Lighting

Brand: HyperX

If you’re looking for a keyboard that’s compatible with your console, this is the one for you. You can also use it for professional PC gaming or regular internet usage. It’s got it all. 

This light-up silent keyboard by HyperX was made with gamers in mind. Even better, the lighting patterns and colors are completely customizable so that you can match the rest of your setup. The keyboard has five zones which can each be customized by color and pattern. 

They also allow you to press as many keys as you want simultaneously without a problem. The keyboard will register them all as they are pressed, making in-game situations much easier to react to. 

If that doesn’t sell you, the spill-proof design and extra buttons will. This keyboard comes with easy access to your brightness, display, and game mode settings. It is compatible with the PC, Xbox, and Playstation, making it excellent for any type of gamer. 

Best for Comfort: RedDragon Silent Keyboard With Wrist Rest 

Color: Black and Red

Backlighting: Rainbow 

Compatibility: PC

Special Features: Lighting and wrist rest

Brand: RedDragon 

This keyboard by RedDragon was made with comfort in mind for all gamers. The padded wrist rest underneath the keyboard allows you to type from any location comfortably. 

The keys are island-style chiclet keys, which allow for quiet typing. They are responsive and durable, keeping you in-game and on track. The keyboard also comes with seven different lighting modes. 

This keyboard is excellent for gamers looking for a comfortable and versatile keyboard while still being a low cost. RedDragon also designed this keyboard to be a tool you can use at the office. So, after you finish your nightly games, you can bring the keyboard with you to your office job the next day.  


You can find a keyboard for every gamer in your life if you know how to look. However, even if you want to get a keyboard for your favorite gamer, having them be quiet ones is certainly convenient!