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This is How To Talk To Each Other In Minecraft (Chat and Voice)

This is How To Talk To Each Other In Minecraft (Chat and Voice)

Regardless of your status as a new or veteran player in Minecraft, you may still want to know how to chat in-game. If you aren’t sure how to do voice or text chat, I’ll have it all covered for you! 

Minecraft does not have an in-game voice chat option. This means you have to get a little creative in order to speak with your friends. In this article, I’ll go over some ways you can voice chat with your friends in Minecraft on Xbox, PS4, and PC. So, no matter, you will have the option!

Use the Built-in Text Chat

Minecraft has a built-in game chat, but they do not have a voice option. Using the text chat is actually very easy on PS4/Xbox/PC. If you’re brand new to the game, I’ll go ahead and list how to open the char menu and how to type/send.

On PC:

  • Open – the default key to open chat is ‘T’
  • Type – you can just type regularly 
  • Send – hit enter to send the message


  • Open – The default is pressing down the right arrow on the d-pad.
  • Type – a virtual keyboard will pop up for you to type in. 
  • Send – The bottom right has a send button. Simply move over to it and select it. 

Use a Mod for Voice Chat on PC

If you have Minecraft on PC, you can always add in a mod to get voice chat. The only one that is readily worked on and updated consistently is Simple Voice Chat. It’s important to note that it doesn’t give you global chat, only proximity.

If you are familiar with Minecraft mods, most of them are the CurseForge mods and modpacks. However, this one uses Fabric mods. Now, before you panic, you can use Fabric mods in CurseForge. There is a really helpful YouTube video here that can assistant you with how to run the two types together. I

The mod would serve better on a server where proximity chat might matter. However, if you are just playing with friends, it’s not really the easiest or most efficient way to use a voice chat. 

Use a VoIP Program

On PC, this is the best option for just having fun with your pals. There are so many options as well that are free and easy to use. I’m going to cover some of the best VoIP services. 


Discord allows you to have voice chats directly with your friend. You can also make a server and invite your friends to drop in and out whenever they want by setting up dedicated channels. If you need help with starting a server, Discord has a handy guide to assist you in the process. It is also free to use! 


Skype is still fairly popular. It comes pre-downloaded on some computers. But if you don’t already have it, it’s a simple install with easy instructions as it takes you through each step. Skype is free to use as long as the recipient is also calling from skype. You can also add several people to a call as well. 


TeamSpeak you can pay for it, but they have thousands of free servers to use. This does include private ones for you and up to 32 friends.TeamSpeak has a very good sound quality and latency-free voice chats. It is a pretty popular contender. 

However, to get more space and an additional virtual server, you will have to shell out some cash. It does have a lower disk and memory usage compared to Discord. So, there are some pros and cons, but you can view the features and see if it meets your needs. 

Xbox Party Features

If you are playing on an Xbox, you can make a party online. This will allow you to voice chat with your friends in-game. The steps to create the party are as follows:

  • Press the Xbox button to open the guide
  • Select Parties & chats
  • Select start a party
  • Select Invite more
  • Choose friends that you’d like to invite. 
  • Choose friends from a club
  • Select invite to invite your friends

PlayStation Party Chat

So, this functions basically the same way as Xbox does. However, on the PS4 you can actually save the group so next time you get on, it’s significantly easier. The steps to create a party are simple:

  • Go to PS4 home screen
  • Press up until you get to the function screen
  • Select the option that says “Party”
  • Select start party
  • Select create group
  • Choose the name and change the settings to match your needs
  • Select add players to invite your friends