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Visiting Mount Rushmore? Where To Stay

Visiting Mount Rushmore? Where To Stay

Are you visiting Mount Rushmore soon? We are excited for you! Unfortunately, there are no places to stay at Mount Rushmore, and you may be forced to get accommodation nearby. This article is a guide to where you can stay on your visit.

Keystone, Custer, Rapid City, and Custer State Park are the best places to stay. You can get to the mountain by air, car, bus, train, or hike. 

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Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore is a majestic landmark in the Black Hills area of South Dakota. It showcases the carved faces of four legendary American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

The monument is a result of the efforts of sculptor Gutzon Borglum and his son, Lincoln Borglum. They meticulously carved out the faces of the presidents onto the side of a massive granite mountain using dynamite and chisels over 14 years, from 1927 to 1941. The final masterpiece stands tall at an impressive 60 feet (18 meters). 

For a travel guide to Mount Rushmore, we urge you to watch this video:

Ultimate One-Day Mount Rushmore Travel Guide | Mount Rushmore National Memorial

How To Get To Mount Rushmore?

The mode of transportation is one of the most important parts of planning a trip. Below we have listed the several ways you can get to Mount Rushmore. 

By Car

The most popular way to get to Mount Rushmore is by car. The monument is located approximately 30 minutes southwest of Rapid City, South Dakota, and is accessible via a scenic drive on Highway 244. 

By Air

If you are traveling from another country or state, the nearest airport is the Rapid City Regional Airport, located about 40 minutes from Mount Rushmore. There are also smaller airports in nearby towns, such as Custer and Hot Springs; you may use these depending on the availability of flights from the area you are flying from. You can get a cab or car from these airports and drive to Mount Rushmore. 

By Bus

Several tour companies offer bus tours to Mount Rushmore from cities such as Rapid City, Denver, and even as far away as Las Vegas. You can hop on a bus with friends and travel to Mount Rushmore.

By Train

Amtrak offers train service to towns close to the Mount Rushmore site, such as Rapid City and Gillette, but there is no train service directly to Mount Rushmore. From the train station, you would have to hire a car. 

By Bicycle or Hiking

If you enjoy outdoor activities, several trails and bike paths lead to Mount Rushmore. The George S. Mickelson Trail is a popular option for hikers and bikers, and it runs through the heart of the Black Hills. 

Where To Stay Around Mount Rushmore?

If you are visiting from far away, you must decide where you would like to stay. This can vary depending on the plans and other sites you wish to visit. We advise booking in advance and staying in touch with your accommodation’s management, especially during the peak months. 


Keystone is a small town located just a few miles from Mount Rushmore. The top places that we recommend are:

  1. Ramada Mount Rushmore, situated in Keystone
  2. Baymont Inn and Suites Keystone. 

Keystone offers great places for dining and leisure as well. 


Custer is another town located near Mount Rushmore. Some options to consider here are:

  1. Bavarian Inn
  2. Chalet Motel
  3. Holiday Inn & Suites.

Rapid City

Rapid City is the largest city in the area, about 30 minutes from Mount Rushmore. The best places to stay here are:

  1. Holiday Inn Rapid City – Rushmore Plaza
  2. Fairfield Inn And Suites Rapid City
  3. LaQuinta Inn And Suites

Some other options to consider are: 

  1. Sylvan Lake Lodge – Located in Custer State Park, the Sylvan Lake Lodge offers a unique lodging experience in a beautiful natural setting. The lodge has a variety of rooms, cabins, and suites, as well as a restaurant.
  2. Mount Rushmore KOA Resort – This popular campground is just a few miles from the monument. It offers camping options, from tent sites to cabins, and amenities like a swimming pool and hot tub.

Things To Do At Mount Rushmore

While we are at it, let us advise you on what you must do when visiting Mount Rushmore. 

View the Sculpture

The main attraction at Mount Rushmore is, of course, the impressive sculpture itself. You can get as close to the show’s star as you want, take pictures, and observe the art of sculpting here. 

Take A Ranger-led Program

The National Park Service offers ranger-led programs throughout the day. These are aimed at providing visitors with knowledge and include talks about the history of the monument, the geology of the Black Hills, and the wildlife in the area.

Take The Presidential Trail

The Presidential Trail offers breathtaking views of the iconic sculpture. The trail winds through the forest and lets you get close to the monument’s base, offering different perspectives and angles of the sculptures. This is also perfect for people who enjoy taking photographs. 

Sculptor’s Studio

The Sculptor’s Studio is a museum showcasing the tools and techniques that Gutzon Borglum and his team used to create the monument. Visiting the studio can give you some insight into the thought and process behind the sculpture. It also gives you a chance to see other work by the sculptor. 

Evening Lighting Ceremony

If you are a patriot, this is not to be missed! During the summer, an evening lighting ceremony is held where the sculpture is illuminated, and patriotic music is played.


If you wish to spend the entire day here, hiking is great. The area has several hiking trails, including the Blackberry Trail and the Lover’s Leap Trail. These trails look over the Black Hills and allow you to immerse in the beautiful landscape. 

Final Thoughts

Choosing a place to stay depends entirely on your budget and how adequately you planned your visit. Make prompt plans, check in with different accommodations beforehand, and get yourself peace and save yourself the hassle.