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Easy Sew Wash Cloth Soap Holder

Easy Sew Wash Cloth Soap Holder

Never drop the soap again with this easy easy sew wash cloth soap holder!  A great, easy sew project you can take camping, on vacation, or even use at home.  Slip your favorite soap inside, lather up, rinse and hang to dry.  This great wash cloth soap holder makes the last tiny bits usable.  What a money saver!
This is a super easy beginner project if you are new to sewing. My daughters started with this as their first project and they loved it. They even made some for daddy for Father’s Day.  He always takes them camping once a year to Father/Daughter Camp so this was a perfect gift they could make on their own.
wash cloth soap holder
It is handy to keep a cutting mat and rotary cutter tool on hand if you plan to make a lot of these. It keeps your table safe from scratches and helps take even less time to cut.  We didn’t have one at the time so we just used scissors but we’ve since bought the mat and rotary tool for an upcoming quilt project.
All the supplies are linked below.



  1. First, cut your wash cloth in half. It doesn’t matter which direction and there is no grain to follow like you would with fabric.
  2. Next, hem the cut edge by folding it over 1/4 of an inch, and folding it onto itself once more. There is no need for an exact measurement here either.
  3. Now fold your ribbon in half and pin or clip it one-third of the way down the wash cloth. Make sure the finished edge is at the bottom.  Clip it on the side you want to be shown.  This will be turned inside out.
  4. Then fold the BOTTOM of the wash cloth up until it meets the bottom of the ribbon. Fold the TOP of the wash cloth down until the edges meet.
  5. Sew a straight stitch down both sides of the wash cloth INSIDE the binding.  You can sew 2 straight stitches to reinforce.
  6. Trim each end close to the stitches with scissors to eliminate the bulky seams.
  7. Turn the wash cloth inside out being sure to push the corners all the way through.

That’s it!  You’ve completed the project.  These make a great gift idea alone or in a gift basket with lotions, soaps, etc.
cut wash cloth in half
clip on ribbon
straight stitch
daughter with finished washed cloth disney soap holder

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If you are interested, make sure to check out the DIY section on Amazon. There are many books and guides that will help you make life easier and helps you to spend less money.