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Why Won’t Your Bose Speaker Charge?

Why Won’t Your Bose Speaker Charge?

Bose’s line of speakers allows you to bring your music with you anywhere. Depending on the type of speaker you purchased, you can usually get about six hours of audio on a single charge. But what happens when your Bose speaker doesn’t charge at all?

Bose speakers may not charge due to a faulty charger, USB cable, or an issue within the Bose speaker itself. You can identify the issue through a series of quick observations with the Bose speaker charging light. Try a different USB cable and if this does not work, try using a different electrical outlet. If there is still no success, try resetting the device or placing it in “shipping” mode.

If you recently purchased your product, it may not be working because of a mechanical defect. If this is the case, then you could be eligible for a replacement under Bose’s warranties. Read on to learn more about your problem and what measures could fix it.

Your Speaker’s Charging Cables May Not Be Working

First, make sure that you are using the right charging cable. Most Bose speakers can be charged using micro-USB cables. The same charger that you use for your iPhone, for instance, will not work on this device.

Micro-USB cables’ lifespan can be anywhere from a few months to a few years, depending on the build quality. If your Bose speaker is not charging, try using a different micro-USB cable. You do not necessarily need to use the one that came with your initial purchase.

Your Wall’s Outlet Might Be Weak

To charge your Bose speaker, you will connect it via micro-USB cable to a USB charging block. If you insert the charging block into a wall’s outlet but cannot get a charge, try another outlet.

You can even try using another charging block if you think this will solve the problem.

You May Need to Reset Your Speaker

Even the most seasoned tech expert will tell you that resetting your malfunctioning devices work wonders. If you cannot get or maintain a charge, consider a reset:

  1. Locate the mute button.
  2. Hold it down for 10 seconds.
  3. Wait until the product’s light starts flashing.

When the product’s lights stop flashing, your speaker has reset.

You May Need to Put Your Speaker in “Shipping” Mode

The idea behind putting your speaker in “ship” mode is that you are trying to conserve its energy if you plan on sending it somewhere. It can also be used to troubleshoot any charging-related issues.

You can put your Bose speaker in shipping mode by:

  1. Plug your speaker into a power outlet (even if this does not seemingly work).
  2. Press the “multi-function” button for 10 seconds; this will be the button with the three dots.
  3. While holding down on the multi-function button, unplug the device from the wall.
  4. Let go of the multi-button.

Now, try plugging the device back into the wall. Keep it there for a couple of hours and see if this charges your device.

Something is Lodged in the Charging Port

If you like to take your Bose speaker camping or to the beach, there might be particles lodged inside the device’s charging port. This would prevent your charging cable from connecting to the outlet.

You can remedy this issue with Dust-Off Compressed Gas. Simply place the nozzle onto the aerosol can and point it into your charging port. Press the aerosol can’s button and gently move the nozzle back and forth.

This will effectively dislodge any particles that are preventing the speaker from maintaining a charge.

The Charging Pins Are Broken

If the charging pins inside of the port are broken, you’re out of luck. While you can take this to an electronic repair store, this may be more trouble than it is worth. The cost of repairs could even overshadow the initial cost of purchasing the speaker.

Take your phone’s flashlight and point it into the charging port. If you notice that any of the pins are bent or otherwise out of shape, this could merit a replacement.

There Is a Factory-Related Problem

Bose guarantees all of its products. Depending on the specifics of your problem, you could have your device replaced or repaired if it is still under warranty. You can learn more about this prospect by clicking here.

In Conclusion  

If your Bose speakers don’t charge, do not dismay; there could be an easy solution to your problem. If you find that none of the before-mentioned solutions remedy your problem, you can always contact Bose’s customer support team.