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4 Ways to Winterize Strawberry Plants | Essential Homestead

Which method do you use to winterize strawberry plants?

Strawberry plants need some care even after the growing season is over.  Why?  Because strawberries create future buds at the end of the growing season.  For this reason, it’s imperative to winterize strawberry plants from the freezing temperatures.
winterize strawberry plants
Before winterizing, make sure the plants are dormant and ready.  If you winterize too early, the strawberry plants will begin to decay.  Winterize right before night time temps drop below 20 degrees.  The leaves will start turning red.  I live in the North East of United States and we winterize between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
There’s a few ways to winterize strawberries:

  1.  Straw – Cover the plants with 6 – 10 inches of straw on a rainy day so it doesn’t blow away.
  2. Pine Needles – again, make sure it’s 6 – 10 inches thick.
  3. Wood Shavings – keep in mind that wood robs the soil of nitrogen so extra fertilizer will be needed in the spring.
  4. Fabric row covers – get one that’s over one ounce for winter protection.  This creates a greenhouse effect.  Covers will need removed as soon as the plants start budding in the spring.

Hope you have a plentiful harvest of strawberries!  The Happy Housewife has some tips on growing strawberries.  Enjoy!

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