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Answered: How to Reset Your Oreck Vacuum

Answered: How to Reset Your Oreck Vacuum

Buying a good vacuum cleaner is easily one of the best investments to make when it comes to your household. Not only will a good vacuum save you time and energy, but it will also maintain the investments you made in your home, flooring, rugs, and cars, by making sure that everything stays clean and dirt free. 

When it comes to making a safe investment in a vacuum brand that is proven to be reliable, Oreck vacuum cleaners always make it to the list. Lightweight and portable, these vacuum cleaners are known to last for decades without faltering in between. 

How to Reset Your Oreck Vacuum:

However, despite the fact that Oreck is a very reliable brand, at the end of the day, a machine is still just that; a machine. Even the best of electronics may come across a problem or two. In case your Oreck vacuum has stopped working or you would like to reset it for any other reasons, you can easily by pressing the reset button on your machine.  However, it is important to note that not all Oreck vacuums have a reset button. In case you own an Oreck Vacuum that does not have one, here’s how you can reset it: 

  • Press and hold the Oreck Vacuum power button for 15 seconds
  • After 15 seconds, you’ll see a flashing ‘reset’ light
  • And voila! Your Oreck Vacuum has been reset. 
  • In case your vacuum does not show the flashing light, remove the batteries placed in the handle of your vacuum.
  • Replace the batteries and now try resetting your vacuum

If you’re having to reset your vacuum, you must have been having some trouble with it. Read on to troubleshoot your Oreck device so that if and when something goes wrong, you know how to fix it! 

Why Did my Oreck Vacuum Stop Working?

We’re all aware of how frustrating it can be if your device turns off out of the blue when you’re in the middle of cleaning. If your Oreck has stopped working unexpectedly, here are a few reasons that could be behind its failure to function: 

  • Disconnected Wires 

One of the most common causes, when an Oreck stops working, is disconnected wires. To figure out if that’s the case, open the handle of your vacuum. If you see a wire that has popped out of its switch, simply put it back in for your vacuum to start working. 

  • Clogged Motor

The motor tends to get clogged if the brushes in your vacuum are too dirty and have not been cleaned for a while. To figure out if that is the case, take the base of your Oreck apart and clean the spin brush present there thoroughly. 

Once the brush is clean, put the base back on. Your vacuum will start working again. 

  • Defective Switch 

The on and off switch on your vacuum may have faltered. Turn the power switch on and off and see if it has continuity. In case it doesn’t, take your Oreck for repair. 

  • Filter Replacement 

If the indicator light on your vacuum had continuously been flashing and you didn’t pay any heed to it, you probably should have. The indicator light goes off when a filter inside the vacuum needs to be replaced.

Replace the filter of your vacuum and it will start functioning again. 

  • Loose Power Cord 

If your vacuum has been used a little rough over the years, your power cord might have become loose. A loose power chord is usually very visible and not hard to diagnose. 

Get the chord replaced if it is not firmly set into its place. Do not try to replace the cord yourself if you don’t have the proper knowledge and/or the required experience. 

Why Does my Oreck Vacuum Smell?

If your vacuum cleaner is giving off a foul odor, there could be more than one reason behind it. The most common reason is the buildup of bacteria in the bag of your vacuum. 

Despite the bags in Oreck Vacuums being large and HEPA, over time the bacteria from cleaning surfaces can build up in your vacuum and give off a strange smell. Change the disposable vacuum bags in your Oreck often to avoid that problem. 

While changing the bag, try not to touch the bag directly and use gloves and a mask. The dust and built-up bacteria can prove to be harmful if it comes in direct contact with your skin. 

Also, try to avoid using the vacuum on damp surfaces and carpets as that could cause your vacuum to smell too. 

Are Oreck Vacuums Any Good?

As we stated earlier, Oreck Vacuums are known to be one of the most reliable vacuum cleaners out there. Not only do they last longer than your average vacuums, but they are also lightweight, very good at cleaning, and easy to handle. This makes them the best choice for your cleaning needs. 

How Long Does an Oreck Vacuum Last?

How long an electronic appliance lasts usually comes down to how well it has been treated over the years. Oreck vacuums are known to be very reliable and can last for more than 10 to 12 years if looked after properly. To increase the lifespan of your Oreck even further, make sure that you clean it after regular intervals and try to not let it come in contact with a lot of water. 

Did Oreck Change Its Name?

When one talks about Oreck vacuums, a very common question that pops up is whether or not the company is still making vacuums. A lot of confusion stems from the fact that Oreck Vacuums are now called David’s Vacuums. 

Vacuums Etc, one of the leading providers of vacuum services and sales had decided to rebrand Oreck. In fact, it was decided that all the national chains would be consolidated under the name ‘David’s Vacuums’. So yes, Oreck vacuums can still be found on the market and their quality remains the same. It is just the name that has changed.