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Can I Use the Dyson Corrale While It’s Charging?

Can I Use the Dyson Corrale While It’s Charging?

Your Dyson Corrale can run for 30 minutes on a single charge. Yet, when you’re constantly on the move, you might forget to put it in its charging dock. Dyson recommends that for optimal use, you plug in your device when it’s not in use. But does that mean you can’t use the device while it’s charging?

You can use your Dyson Corrale while it’s charging. While this could limit your range of motion and pose a slight inconvenience, you should see no difference in performance.

Here, I’ll discuss how you can use your Dyson Corrale while charging and what you can do if its battery life isn’t as it used to be.

Can You Use Your Dyson Corrale While It’s Charging?

You can use your Dyson Corrale while it’s charging, although how you charge the device will affect how doable it is.

Your Dyson Corrale charges in one of two ways: using its dock and using its power cord. It can be unwieldy to use the straightener while it’s in its charging dock, so you’re better off using the power cord.

Some Dyson Corrales use AC/DC power adapters, which you can buy online for less than ten dollars. Others use magnetic charging cables, which you would have to buy directly from Dyson.

However, there’s a slight drawback to using your Dyson Corrale while it’s charging. Keep in mind that the cord is less than four feet long. So, if you don’t have a spacious area, you risk being more than inconvenienced; you risk burning yourself.

Considerations While Using Dyson Corrale While Charging

Your Dyson Corrale can reach temperatures of more than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Don’t worry about getting hurt while using your device; instead, consider how the following measures could ease using a corded straightener:

  • Keep the surrounding area clear of bottles, cups, tubes, or cosmetics.
  • Only have your Dyson Corrale plugged into the outlet.
  • Avoid using the device near running water. If it gets wet, it might stop working.
  • Be aware of the cord’s location so you don’t get tangled in it.

You could use an extension cord to extend your Dyson Corrale’s charger. Just be sure not to overload the extension cord by plugging in multiple things at a time.

What if My Dyson Corrale Can’t Maintain a Charge?

Your Dyson Corrale needs about 70 minutes to reach a full charge. Once it reaches a full charge, you can use it for 30 minutes. However, you may be wanting to know whether you can use your Dyson Corrale while charging because its battery doesn’t seem to last this long, or the device isn’t actively charging.  

Beyond constantly having to use the device while on the charger, here are your options:

You Could Get a New Charger

Even though Dyson is a reputable brand, nothing is made to last forever. Whether because of frequent use or another matter, your charging dock could stop working.

However, not all is lost; you can buy a new one online. Alternatively, like I’ll describe in the section below, if you bought your device within two years, you could file a warranty claim and get a replacement free of charge.

You Could File a Warranty Claim

Your Dyson Corrale is an investment. After all, at its core, it’s a $500 hair straightener. Dyson knows this. So, it covers all of its hair-styling devices under a two-year warranty. This warranty covers:

  • Battery replacement. As noted, if your Dyson Corrale can’t maintain a solid charge, it could need a new battery. Dyson could replace this component at no cost to you.
  • Repairs. The problem might not be with your battery but its components that transfer energy. Dyson could repair the faulty part if you send them the device or visit a Dyson Service Center.
  • Replacement. If it costs more to fix your device than it’s actually worth, Dyson could send you a new one at no cost.

You can email Dyson about your problem by messaging

Final Thoughts

So yes, you can use your Dyson Corrale while it’s charging. However, if you’re doing so because its battery life hasn’t lived up to your expectations, you have options, such as getting a new charger or a battery or full device replacement from Dyson.