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Can You Get Music on a Gabb Phone?

Can You Get Music on a Gabb Phone?

Many parents consider Gabb Phones their children’s “starter phones.” These devices don’t come with internet access, and they come with pre-set downloaded apps, making them ideal for unsupervised use. But can you get music on these devices too?

You can get music on a Gabb Phone. To do this, you must convert songs into MP3 files, which you can do with many programs online. Then, you plug your Gabb Phone into the computer, drag the MP3 files into the device’s Music App, and you’re good to go. The phone also comes with an FM radio.

The instructions for putting music on your Gabb Phone largely depend on whether you’re using a Windows or iOS computer. Continue reading to learn more.

How to Download Music to Your Gabb Phone

Before getting into specific details, you’ll need the following materials to transfer music to your phone:

  • A type-C USB cable
  • Your Gabb Phone
  • An internet connection on your computer (unless you have the MP3s already downloaded to your desktop)
  • A microSD card (if you have a MacBook)

When downloading songs to your Gabb Phone, it’ll need to have a decent charge. If it dies while you’re transferring MP3s, it’ll corrupt the files.

Convert Songs into MP3 Files

On standard smartphones, you can use streaming services (like Spotify and Apple Music) to listen to your phone tunes. As noted, the Gabb Phone doesn’t do that.

To get music, you must convert your songs into MP3 files. Keep in mind this is different than MP4 files. Long story short, MP3 files are for music, MP4 files are for videos.

Using a Converter

This method works whether you have a Windows or iOS computer. You can download songs from YouTube and convert them into MP3 files. You can do this by:

  1. Going to YouTube and selecting your desired video
  2. Typing “YouTube to MP3 converter” into Google
  3. Copying the video’s URL and pasting it into the text box
  4. Downloading the video
  5. Dragging the MP3 file to your desktop

Keep in mind that not every video online lets you do this. Furthermore, there are a lot of sketchy converter websites out there. To tell the sketchy websites apart from the reliable ones, look for the padlock icon in the address bar.

Using an iOS Device

If you have a MacBook, you can purchase music through Apple Music. Songs range from about .69 cents to $1.29, depending on the song’s popularity. Once you’ve purchased a song, you can convert it into an MP3 file by:

  1. Selecting the song you want
  2. Clicking “Music” on the toolbar
  3. Choosing “Preferences.”
  4. “Clicking “Files”
  5. Choosing “Import Settings”
  6. Selecting “MP3”

From here, drag the MP3 file onto a microSD card.

Using a Windows Computer

If you have a windows computer, you can purchase music through the Groove Music app. You can access this program by clicking on the shopping bag icon on your desktop or task manager. Songs from this platform are already MP3s, so once you purchase one, it’s ready for your Gabb Phone.

Transfer the MP3 files to Your Computer

Apple and Android devices work on different operating systems, so how you perform this step depends on your device.

For Apple Computers

Remember earlier when you put your Apple Music’s MP3s onto a micro-USB chip? Well, now you should:

  1. Turn the phone over with the screen facing down.
  2. Insert the micro-USB into the port on the left.

Now, you should be able to access the MP3 files on the microSD card. Alternatively, you can use this program to transfer music from your MacBook to your Gabb Phone. It’ll walk you through the steps necessary to listen to songs on your Gabb Phone.

For Windows Computer

Follow these steps to transfer MP3s onto your Gabb Phone via your Windows computer:

  1. Plug your Gabb Phone into your computer using a type-C USB cable.
  2. Select “File Transfer” from the pop-up menu.
  3. Transfer your MP3 files onto your Gabb Phone.

For more information about this process, click here.

How to Listen to Music on Your Gabb Phone

Once you’ve successfully transferred your MP3 files onto your Gabb Phone, you can access your songs through the Music app on the home screen. You can listen to your songs by:

  • Using the built-in speaker
  • Pairing your Gabb Phone to Bluetooth headphones
  • Connecting the Gabb Phone to a speaker using an aux cord
  • Plugging in wired earbuds or headsets

The latest Gabb Phone is compatible with most audio devices on today’s market, including AirPods. The better your headphones, the better signal your FM radio gets.

A Final Word

Yes, you can get music on a Gabb Phone. However, you’ll need to follow a certain set of instructions depending on what type of computer you have. Additionally, you’ll have to convert your songs into MP3s before transferring them to your phone to listen to music.

For more information about operating your Gabb Phone, consult your user manual.