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How to Wear the Ergobaby On Your Back

How to Wear the Ergobaby On Your Back

There are many reasons to carry your baby on your back. For one, it helps keep your arms and chest free to do tasks like errands and chores or even hiking. Carrying the baby on your back also helps keep the weight on your hips and off your lower back, causing pain and soreness at the end of the day. And most of all, the baby is kept safe. Ergobaby makes this possible, but how do you wear it?

It seems pretty straightforward. But let’s get into the specifics and details of the process. Even though it’s an easy thing to do once you get the hang of it, you may want to practice a few times with a doll or something similar before trying it out for the first time. Also, before continuing on, consider which variety of Ergobaby you have or want to purchase. The eight different styles will attach with only slight differences, and not all versions have a back carry option.

Secure Yourself

The first step in any of the Ergobaby carrier’s back carry methods is to secure yourself. Make sure the carrier is ready for the child to slip in. For instance, if you are using a 360 version, make sure the buttons facing out are black, not grey. Tighten the carrier around your hip, being sure to connect the snap through the safety loop. Pull the strap to tighten, then tuck it away.

Secure the Child

The next step is somewhat tricky, but it will be easy after a few practices. Pick up the child and prop them on your hip. Take your shoulder opposite the child and bring your arm through the shoulder strap. Leaning forward and reaching around, feed the child’s leg through the leg hole around your back. Once the leg is in, use that same hand to keep the child steady while you reach around for the other shoulder strap. Secure the chest strap.

Another option is to twist the carrier to your hip and place the child in before sliding them around to the back. Then you slide your arm into the other shoulder strap and secure the chest strap. This way is a little easier to do by yourself at first.

Adjust As Needed

You want the baby to be centered. This is best checked by marking the location of the child’s feet. They should be even on either side of your hips. The straps should be tight but not constricting. The child should be snug but not unable to move. Bouncing up and down gently will help to show you where straps need to be tightened or loosened for maximum comfort.

Final Tips for Wearing the Ergobaby

For the first few times you try out the Ergobaby back carry, practice with a doll or practice over a bed or other soft area. It is also a good idea to have someone to help you out as you learn. Only use the back carry once the child has full head and neck control. If the pouch is sitting low, just lean forward and pull on the shoulder straps while bouncing slightly to encourage the child’s weight to sit fully in the pouch.

Some things are best explained visually. If you’re still confused, you can find all sorts of great videos to walk you through the steps for how to wear Ergobaby on your back. For example, this video shows steps for an Ergobaby Original.


To wear the Ergobaby on your back, secure yourself in the hip straps, then twist the carrier to lay across one hip, place the child through the straps and tighten the straps. At this point, twist your arms around into the shoulder straps and lean forward while rotating the child to your back and tighten. Adjust as needed.

The Ergobaby carriers, like so many top-quality products, are best used by following the manufacturer’s instructions. The process is simple and only takes a few seconds to get your baby positioned comfortably on your back. This is something you are more than capable of doing on your own without any assistance once you get going with it a few times. Take your time and go slowly, so there aren’t any accidents. Then enjoy the energy of distributed weight and the freedom of movement!