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Here’s How to Connect Razer Kraken Headset to PS4

Here’s How to Connect Razer Kraken Headset to PS4

The Razer Kraken is one of those fantastic high-quality gaming headsets you will hear about all the time. I have always been intrigued by this headset, but before I made the investment, I was curious to know what it would take to actually connect it to the PlayStation 4 since I have seen it used most as an accessory for PC gamers. 

Connecting your headset to the PlayStation 4 is an easy process. You can connect it using a USB port that is available on the PlayStation. However, what you need to consider is that some of the features available with this headset on the PC are not available on the PlayStation 4 when you use it. 

If you really want to learn more about the process of connecting a Razer Kraken headset to the PlayStation 4, keep reading this article. We will explore how the headset connects, the features it brings to the table, and much more! In fact, we will also go over how you can connect the Razer Kraken headset to the PlayStation Slim. 

How To Connect Your Headset To The PlayStation 4

Connecting the Razer Kraken Headset to the PlayStation 4 is a relatively straightforward process. All you need to do is to use the USB connection port on the PlayStation and connect it to the Kraken’s USB connection. However, you do have to make sure the port remains in place in order to maintain a connection with the PlayStation. 

Connecting The Razer Headset To The PlayStation 4 Slim

The benefit of using the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro is that they come with an optical port. This port, however, is no longer part of the PlayStation 4 Slim. That may mean that some of the gaming headsets can’t be used with this gaming console. However, there is still a way you can connect your Razer headsets with this gaming console.

That is because some of the Razer headsets have a wireless receiver that you can connect to the sound output section on your TV instead. Here’s how this process works: 

  1. Look for the optical cable on your Razer Kraken. If this is not available, you cannot use this method. 
  2. Connect the cable from your Razer headset to the optical output connection on your television. 
  3. Now, connect the audio cable from your Razer Kraken to the port on the PlayStation 4 Slim. This is done using the USB port. 
  4. Switch on your headset from Razer, and make sure that the surround sound option is switched on. 
  5. This process should help ensure that your PlayStation 4 slim recognizes the Razer as a headset and pushes audio through this.
  6. If the process does not work, you can try changing the sound and display settings on your PlayStation 4. 

Please keep in mind that this process is not fully sanctioned by Razer, but based on reviews online, this process seems to work. However, if you are unsure, you can use other mechanisms instead so as to not compromise your Razer gaming headsets. 

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Is The Razer Kraken Headset Compatible With The PlayStation 4?

Photo: tomshardware

Because of the difficulty in connecting a Razer Kraken to the PlayStation 4, a lot of people are wondering if the headset is even compatible. The general answer to this question is that the headsets are compatible, but they are not built for the PlayStation 4. In fact, it is more likely, however, that you will have a better experience when using the Razer headsets with your personal computer instead. 

The best case you can see is that the Razer Kraken headset comes with a standard cable with a 3.5 mm jack. You can use this with pretty much anything – whether it is your phone, a PlayStation, or any other gaming console out there. However, in some Razer headsets, you can’t find the cable and only have the functionality of a USB connection instead. 

The Drawback Of Using USB Connections

While things may be different on other gaming consoles, such as the Xbox, there is a slight issue to using Razer Kraken headsets with a USB connection on the PlayStation. In fact, the problem is that there are very little benefits associated with using the USB controller. When you are using the headset with a computer, there are other benefits that you can access:

  1. Chat audio mixing
  2. THX spatial audio settings
  3. Customization options

Having the USB connection on a PC is a massive benefit for gamers on the computer, but the fact doesn’t apply to the PlayStation 4. At the same time, you can use a remote to adjust basic settings such as the volume control and more. 

Who Are Razer Headsets Built For?

There is no doubt about it – even though the Razer headsets you see are compatible with phones and consoles, they were primarily built to work on a computer instead of a console. Therefore, people who use the Razer headsets with a computer are likely to get the best functionality out of it. There are so many additional benefits you can get when you use the headset on a PC. 

For example, there is spatial audio, along with equalizing, microphone settings, and many more additional features. If you mostly play on a computer and sometimes need a headset for your PlayStation 4, Razer’s headsets are a great choice. However, you will not have the best time if you use this headset just for PlayStation gaming alone. 


When trying to connect the PlayStation to your headset, here are the things you need to consider. We hope that reading this article has given you some clarity on how to make that happen!