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DIY Room Spray: Spring is in the Air

Do you like experimenting with different DIY room spray essential oil scents?

Try this spring is in the air DIY room spray!  I love light, sweet scents.  Not only will it brighten the mood but it will clean the air as well.  An easy way to help with spring cleaning.

Looking for the perfect spring and summer room spray?

This recipe is light, fresh, and has a touch of sweetness and tart.
10 drops Lemon
10 drops Grapefruit
10 drops Lime
Distilled water
8 oz Glass spray bottle

  1.  In a glass spray bottle, add essential oils and top with water. Depending on the size of your spray bottle, you may wish to add more essential oils. That’s all! Just give that bottle a shake and spray to your heart’s content.

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If you are interested, make sure to check out the DIY section on Amazon. There are many books and guides that will help you make life easier and helps you to spend less money.