How do I store essential oils:

– Essential oils should be stored in a place with consistent temperatures. No extreme heat or cold. Some refrigerate oils which may prolong the shelf life but doterra recommends room temperature. Keep them in your home and you should be good. No storing oils in the outhouse.
Essential oils are most commonly stored in dark amber bottles. Amber isn’t necessary but it does filter out light. As a general rule, keep them out of direct light. Don’t keep them on a kitchen windowsill.
– Keep lids on your essential oils. This might sound crazy but it’s important. You don’t want too much exposure to oxygen nor do you want moisture entering into the bottles. The oils will evaporate. So keep a lid on it.
– If you have little ones around, be mindful of your oils. Small hands can open up a bottle of oregano essential oil pretty quickly. Teach your kids that oils are awesome but mommy and daddy are the ones that give oil love.

Doterra offers a wooden box to store your oils. I use one of their boxes in a kitchen drawer. Works great for my family. I place the cap stickers in each slot so I can keep them in the same place and I know quickly what I need to reorder.
I put the stickers in alphabetical order by single oils then oil blends. The same way its listed on the oil sticker sheet.

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