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Easy Homeschool Planner Printable for Multiple Children

Make your school year easier with our easy homeschool planner!

This easy homeschool planner can be printed and reprinted every year.  This planner will save you a ton of time and money.  AND did I mention it was for multiple ages.  You can list 2 children at a time as well!
easy homeschool planner
Print out the pages you want and customize your own 3 ring binder.  The key to successful homeschooling is to try and eliminate decision fatigue and teach kids to work independently as they get older.
Planner includes:

  • Weekly Schedule
  • Monthly Schedule
  • Daily Schedule
  • Lesson Plans
  • Progress Report
  • Book List
  • Activities
  • School Year Curriculum

easy homeschool planner easy homeschool planner
I’ll never forget the year my oldest homeschool child started filling out her own planner!  It made this mama’s life so much easier.  All I have to do is check her work and help her with any questions.  She has developed into a self learner as most homeschoolers do.
Here’s a breakdown on how I use this easy homeschool planner.

  1. I have a curriculum sheet printed for each child and list the curriculum we are using for them for the whole school year.
  2. I print a book list for each child and we write down each book they read during the school year.
  3. I print an activites sheet for each child and list any activites they participate in.
  4. I either print a monthly schedule or we use a shared calendar.  This is where we keep track of their field trips, activities, appointments and days off of school.
  5. I print a daily activities sheet for each child and list what their typical homeschool day should look like.  My older child can take this daily list and schedule lesson plans.
  6. I print a lesson plans sheet for every child for every school week.  The lesson plans are the bulk of my planner.  I love that I can list 2 children at once.  Since I have 2 kids, we only have to create one planner and they both use it.  My oldest writes in her own lesson plans and I write the plans for my youngest.  Since it’s altogether, I can easily check on my oldest to ensure she is completing her work correctly.

easy homeschool planner easy homeschool planner
Why do I do all of this?  For several reasons:

  1. It makes it easy to turn in a portfolio.  I add samples of their work to their planner binder to create their end of year portfolio.
  2. It keeps a record of everything the child has done or learned throughout the year.
  3. I look back on what my older child did so I can easily get my younger child setup when they reach that grade level.  So basically the older child paves the way.  If I keep good records on the oldest then it makes my life easier for the younger children.

Download your easy homeschool planner and use it over and over!

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